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Employer Branding: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Ian Cook

February 9, 2024



When it comes to attracting and retaining top employees for your company, your employer brand is crucial, especially with an increasingly competitive 2024 job market. 

Today, companies of all shapes and sizes need to stay ahead of the "employer branding curve" to attract and retain the very best talent (over competitors) and, ultimately, ensure the best chance of long-term success.

If you're new to employer branding, be sure to see "why" it's so important with this quick article: 21 Employer Brand Statistics To Know in 2024

The statistics around employer branding are mind-bending, including this one, which shows the impact of a poor employer brand, which now takes 5 seconds to find with websites like Glassdoor: 

69% of candidates would reject a job offer from a company with a bad employer brand, even if they were unemployed. Source: CareerArc

Before we jump into it, at Vouch, our video platform helps companies like Amazon, Canva, HubSpot, Cisco, Nike, and more, so we have deep insights into employer branding - and we would say that if you only take one thing from this article, it should be this: Your employer brand is not about you - it's about your employees. A successful employer brand turns your employees into heroes. Everything else is simply support for them.

So, let's jump into this ultimate 2024 employer branding guide:

1) Create Authentic Employee Advocacy

When we look at the world's most successful companies, we can see that they are increasingly focusing on turning their employees into brand ambassadors, and it makes sense - potential employees don't want to hear from you; they want to hear from people who are also employed at your company. 

Employee advocacy programs are now pushing deeper into the daily lives of employees and even rewarding employees for promoting their work-life experiences on social media to showcase a company from the inside.

The employee advocacy trend has emerged in the last few years and looks to go deeper in 2024 as an employer brand marketing strategy. HR managers are seeing this trend evolve, and according to SHRM, 86% of HR professionals agree that recruitment is becoming more like marketing - and the best kind of marketing is not from your company. It's your employees and your customers' stories.

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2) Foster Your Workplace Culture

If we rewind 10 years (even before COVID-19), we had already started to see a considerable change in workplace culture, especially in tech companies. Remember how many ping-pong tables began popping up on company team pages?

Well, today, ping-pong tables and snacks are not enough. Your workplace culture needs to be so good that employees are promoting your business on websites like Glassdoor to help you grow your employer brand. 

HR leaders know this and are actively shaping their workplace culture to ensure that your company is inclusive and that your employer brand is on point for productivity, motivation, and, of course, business growth. 

Failing to manage workplace culture, especially in a toxic workplace, can lead to a loss of business, reputation, and, in the worst case, legal issues internally or even publicly. Your workplace culture is so vital that you need to actively work on it to avoid running a considerable risk.

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3) Employer Branding Videos Matter

Perhaps one of the biggest changes and trends in employer branding is the need to "show" your employees and their experiences, not just say it.

Video is one of the most consumed and shared media platforms online, which makes Video perfect for employer branding. 

The challenge traditionally, however, has been that producing video content either takes too much time or money. That's where tools like Vouch, our video platform, is used by thousands of companies around the world, from SMEs to global giants, to produce employer branding videos in less time and with way less cost. 

If you aren't using Video in your employer branding yet, be sure to check us out. We think you'll love Vouch for your employer branding videos.

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4) Use Social Media For Recruitment

In 2015, Pew Research reported that 90% of Americans did job research online. In 2024, we can assume that almost every job seeker in the world now uses the Internet to find work.

That means that right now, you can start recruiting directly through social media and, in very little time, reduce your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, especially if your employees are advocates who are promoting your open positions on their own social media accounts - the ideal scenario! 

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5) Improve Your Candidate Experience

For companies searching for the best talent, the days of having an impersonal "one-size-fits-all" job application experience are gone. 

Today, top candidates also have access to every company and can submit their resumes in minimal time, which means that tailoring the candidate experience to individual preferences is a must. Of course, there is still the baseline process, but on top of this, you need to customize communications, your interview processes, and onboarding experiences to align with candidates' expectations.

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6) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

Prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace isn't just about compliance checkboxes. DEIB is about building an authentic employer brand. 

Today, DEIB plays a crucial role in creating a fair work environment where everyone feels valued and respected. It creates a culture where people can do their best work and are personally invested in your success. That's huge.

Companies that truly believe in and who are promoting DEIB on social media are capturing the hearts and minds of not only their employees but also highly talented candidates, potential customers, and investors.  

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7) AI and Data-Driven Employer Branding 

Leveraging AI tools and deeper data analytics for employer branding strategies is exponentially on the rise. Analyzing employee feedback, performance metrics, and sentiment analysis to refine employer brand messaging and strategy is now a must.

Tools like Vouch Video are also powered by AI, and we love being able to develop and offer tools like AI Editing of videos as it can speed up the process significantly, especially in recruitment! 

AI in employer branding is expanding so rapidly that attending events like World Employer Branding Day in Amsterdam in October is starting to become vital, where we not only bring our own thoughts and AI tech but can also network and learn from other industry leaders.

Note: While AI and technology can always help, HR is, of course, also based on gut feeling and knowing how to understand people, which is why it's not our number one item here.


Why is employer brand strategy important?

Employer brand strategy is crucial because it shapes how prospective and current employees perceive a company. A strong employer brand strategy can attract top talent, improve employee engagement, and enhance the overall reputation of the organization.

How can companies develop their employer brand?

Companies can develop their employer brand by conducting a comprehensive analysis of their organization's values, culture, and unique selling points as an employer. They can leverage this information to create a brand identity that resonates with potential candidates and showcases why their company is an attractive place to work.

What is employer brand management?

Employer brand management involves the strategic planning and execution of activities aimed at promoting and enhancing the reputation of a company as an employer. It encompasses various aspects, including employer branding campaigns, employee engagement initiatives, and alignment of brand messaging across different channels.

How can employer brand optimization impact recruitment?

Employer brand optimization can significantly impact recruitment by increasing the attractiveness of a company to potential candidates. When employer brands are optimized, companies can position themselves as desirable employers, attracting high-quality talent and reducing recruitment efforts.

What tools and technologies can enhance employer brand management?

Various tools and technologies can enhance employer brand management. These may include applicant tracking systems, social media management platforms, employee advocacy platforms, and analytics tools. These tools can help companies streamline their employer branding efforts, measure their impact, and improve engagement with candidates and employees.


In the 2024 job market (and beyond), the significance of employer branding has reached an unprecedented peak. The race to attract and retain top talent amidst fierce competition has made it imperative for companies of all sizes to prioritize their employer brand strategies.

The power of a strong employer brand cannot be overstated, as it serves as the cornerstone for enticing top-tier candidates while retaining existing valuable employees. 

Embracing Video can also lead to highly engaging social media content, which is perfect for your employer brand, talent acquisition, and hiring team. The best part of Vouch is that it is remarkably easy and affordable to produce. 

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

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