Record, share and build your video library in a single tab

Record, share and request video without leaving your browser tab. Seamlessly bring video into your workflow with the Vouch browser extension.

Thousands of teams love Vouch, including:

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Record your screen, camera (or both)

Send sales follow-ups, proposals, testimonials, updates or even request a video response seamlessly. Flexible, lightweight and powerful. 

Share your work effortlessly

Record and share in seconds with Vouch. Automatically generate a GIF or hosted video player and let your content shine with transcriptions, branding + more.

AI-powered video search

Hit search from your browser tab and access your entire Vouch video library seamlessly. Let AI do the heavy lifting with keyword search that finds what you need fast.

Clutter-free UX that showcases what matters

Ditch the cluttered UX. With hidden controls and seamless transitions between tabs, we’ve built a recording experience that highlights what matters most.

Collaborate with your team in a single tab

Give everyone access to the powerful videos that’ll drive sales conversations and marketing campaigns forward. Vouch’s browser extension makes cross-team collaboration a breeze.

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