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How to Onboard New Hires in a Simple, Human Way With Video

We're big fans of a great onboarding experience for our new team members. We totally get what it's like when you're new - the sooner you can feel like one of the team, the sooner you can settle into the job you came to do.

We've been lucky to see how some of the most creative and progressive folk in people and culture, employer brand and recruiting roles welcome new recruits. We've adopted some of their best practices to build our own employee welcome experience.

We're loving the natural and fun responses that come from giving our new starters a set of ice-breaker questions to answer. Their videos help us get to know our newbies instantly, whether we’ve met in person or not. Lots of high fives on the slack channel straight away - so no-one is left to feel on the outer here at Vouch. Here are our tips for how to onboard new hires in a simple, human way with video:

Set questions that put new hires at ease

We choose questions that are easy to answer and allow new starters to show their best self. The four questions we are using at the moment are:

1. Quick intro! Name, role and fun fact about yourself: This sets the context with the job they'll be doing at Vouch and helps us get to know them with a fun fact.

2. Number one place you have visited or want to visit. Who doesn't love a quick travel chat?

3. Favorite TV show of all time? This question gets the team chat going instantly. From cult classics to current top 10 programs, we've got fans of all genres in our team.

4. Best piece of work advice you've received. We wrap our onboarding questions with a little bit of wisdom sharing, because we're all about collective intelligence and sharing best practices to help deliver the best result.

Leave it to employees to tell their story

New hires can record their responses when and where it suits them. No more expecting them to perform on the spot by asking them questions in front of the whole company on day one. With video-based employee onboarding, once you send them the link to record, they can think about their answers, add some notes in Vouch, then record short videos to the questions when they're ready.

Share the video responses for a warm welcome

You can share your new team responses wherever your team comes together. Seamlessly share on Slack, embed the videos in your weekly team presentation, or share on social media for a public welcome to new starters.

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