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AI Editing is here

Steve Birchall

November 1, 2023



A few months back, we launched our first AI Features - AI questions and scripts. 

At the time, we teased some more powerful features coming soon. Features that would change the way our users work and use video. Our team has been testing and tweaking for months, and today we’re launching AI Editing in Vouch 🎉

Vouch has always made it easy to collect videos, now we’re bringing simplicity to sorting and shaping the footage you capture, so you can get to sharing it even faster.

Ian is a designer and video editor here at Vouch. Safe to say, he was sceptical of our new AI editing features. Hear what he has to say after using them on his latest project below.

AI Video Editing: an overview

We have AI Summaries to give you instant insights into your footage. No more watching and rewatching to get the gist.

AI Highlights point you to the key moments of every video in seconds.

Both transcript and video highlights let you swiftly review, extract the gold you’re after, and instantly create a hand-picked playlist.

Need a hype reel or compilation right now? Just hit the AI Playlists button, and it’s done. A playlist will be created including a selection of highlights from all responses to your campaign.

Vouch AI generates all of these automatically.

Just record or upload any video (up to 60 minutes in length) and let AI do the work for you. AI editing in Vouch automates time-consuming and tedious tasks so you can focus on the content and the stories you want to showcase. Customers on our paid plans now get access to all 3 new AI features.

Please jump into Vouch and try them out - we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Let us know how they work for you, the good and the bad. One of the things we’re most excited about is that this is just the start. These features will get better, they’ll grow and do more in faster and smarter ways, and your feedback will help with that. 

Click here to share your thoughts via a Vouch. Or if you want to be at the forefront of testing Vouch's new features, join our Slack community to stay informed about our latest developments.

Steve Birchall

Steve Birchall

Head of Product

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