Let your customers tell your story

Create an always-on flow that makes capturing authentic customer stories a breeze. Vouch is the easiest way to fill your marketing channels with high-impact social proof.

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Automate your customer marketing workflow

Vouch takes the heavy lift out of video for marketers. Send video requests from your CRM, get Slack notifications when a customer submits a video, and add video testimonials to your Canva templates with ease.

Create always-on questions to bring out your customers' voice, right from your workflow. Choose your software to connect:

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Friction-free, AI-powered recording

Let's make video easy for your customers. With your questions on-screen, guided ratios and timelengths, together with AI-generated scripts, even the camera-shy are ready to share their story.

Add video testimonials everywhere

Share your customer stories at every marketing and sales touchpoint. Embed videos on your website, social media, Slack, email campaigns, sales follow-ups and presentations.

Experience Vouch for Customer Stories

Create a quick test video to see what it's like to record with Vouch

A customer story for every touchpoint

Build a diverse library of video testimonials that talks to every product, segment, or step in your customer lifecycle comms.

Make video playlists in minutes

Edit videos and compile hype reels of your most impactful customer stories, ready to drop straight into sales and marketing communications.

Powerful testimonials, perfectly prompted

Add questions, ratios and time-lengths for the perfect response. Not sure what to ask? Generate questions with AI to trigger the best responses from your customers.

Lights. Camera. Traction

Cut through the noise with video.