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5 Ideas For Employer Branding Videos (With Examples)

Gary Zurnamer

March 16, 2023



In a competitive hiring environment, a strong employer brand can be a powerful differentiator. Sharing team activities and culture initiatives can help your business stand out and attract the best candidates.

Videos featuring the faces of your employees are a great place to start and will bring your social media feeds and careers pages to life, highlighting your core values and workplace culture/

If you're struggling for inspiration, here are five employer branding video ideas you can try. Each is designed to give potential candidates a glimpse behind the scenes of your business and can help build your following and engagement rates on your company pages on LinkedIn.

How to showcase your employer brand with video

When creating an employer brand video, focusing on employee experience is everything. You want to tell personal stories that connect with job seekers on an emotional level.

Real employee stories from current employees are the perfect way to do this, and you don't need professional video editors. With Vouch, you can create employee brand videos quickly and cost-effectively - which matters for even the largest companies who want to avoid taking employees out of their workflow. 

Here are a few ways to create and share real stories from inside your company to build your employer brand:

1. Share New Year’s resolutions

Set the tone for a productive year by sharing the team's goals or share public events and resolutions for the months ahead. An easy question that everyone can answer guarantees maximum involvement in a video series. The goal here is to capture a universal employee experience with events that happen in every company, only that your company does them better! 

From Employee Appreciation Day to International Women's Day, there's no end of international days to inspire you to create employer branding content with your team throughout the year. With a dog-friendly office (and a team of animal lovers), Love Your Pet Day was a natural fit for Vouch. The right prospective candidates will love these videos, and they are designed to connect on a deeper level than your competitors. National days are perfect for social media channels.

2. Welcome new employees

After leveraging your recruitment video for your recruitment process, company cultures videos and stories of team members for onboarding the best potential employees, showing your company growth while giving new hires a warm welcome with an intro video shared on social media is a powerful employer branding video strategy.

These videos can be recorded on their first day and shared internally and externally, helping remote teams feel connected from the very first day. These videos help you find your next talent, and you can even do a series of videos showing your employees' journey as they grow and flourish. 

3. Spotlight culture Initiatives

Showcase the values and perks that make your company unique. At Vouch, we've introduced quarterly Recharge Days to give everyone time to relax and restore their energy. To launch the initiative, we asked everyone to share their plans. Effective employer branding video looks inside your company so that others can see the space you are creating and the flexibility you offer.

4. Employee perks.

Perfect for video on social channels, showing your employee perks build your employee value proposition, but your employee perks need to be done tastefully. Showing employee engagement on a daily basis is critical here, not glossy marketing material. When it comes to employee perks, don't brag. Just show the team loving the perks you provide. Note: the healthier the perks the better.

5. Say thank you

At the end of the year, when you want to thank your clients and customers for their support, swap the usual email from the founders for a more personal, feel-good video that features the whole team. There are a wide variety of thank you videos you can make, just be sure to be authentic. Authentic videos are the key to every employer branding video, especially when attracting the best potential applicants for an open position - they will see straight through the polish.

How to create an employer branding video that stands out

Collect consistent content 

There's nothing like a rogue 9:16 recording to ruin your perfect 16:9 edit. If your team is self-recording their content asynchronously, set a clear brief. Remind them of the ratio you need, and share recording tips for clear visuals and sound.

If you're using Vouch to collect your employer branding content, you can make use of our ratio setting feature. It stops your team from submitting a video in any other dimension than the one you've stipulated. And each recording request is sent with our automatic reminders for picture-perfect lighting and sound.

Feature a mix of employees

Aim to share a diverse representation of your team in your employer branding videos, including people from different departments and levels of seniority. It'll give followers a better chance of finding a perspective that resonates with them.

If you're looking for an easy way to combine them, use Vouch's Playlist feature. Creating a ready-to-share mega mix of all your favourite clips takes just minutes.

Keep it concise

Our attention spans are decreasing, and nowhere is that more apparent than on social media. Keep your videos concise and digestible with short, snackable clips to keep your audience tuned in. Focus on the most attractive benefits, too.

If you're worried about keeping your employees on track, try setting a maximum duration for their recording in Vouch. Your teammate will see a countdown, and the recording will be capped and the time you set.


What is the importance of employer branding videos in the hiring process?

Employer branding videos can be a powerful differentiator in a competitive hiring environment. They showcase team activities and culture initiatives, helping businesses stand out and attract top candidates.

What are some key elements to focus on when creating an employer branding video?

When creating an employer branding video, it's essential to focus on the employee experience. Personal stories from current employees can connect with job seekers on an emotional level and highlight core values and workplace culture.

How can companies create real stories from inside their company to build their employer brand?

Companies can create real stories by sharing events and initiatives that showcase their company culture. For example, they can share New Year’s resolutions, welcome new employees, spotlight culture initiatives, showcase employee perks, and say thank you to clients and customers.

What are some tips for creating an employer branding video that stands out?

To create an employer branding video that stands out, companies should collect consistent content, feature a mix of employees, and keep the video concise. It's also important to use high-quality visuals and sound to maintain audience engagement.

How can companies ensure that their employer branding videos are visually appealing?

To ensure that employer branding videos are visually appealing, companies should provide clear briefs to employees who are self-recording content. They can also use tools like Vouch to set ratios for recording and provide automatic reminders for picture-perfect lighting and sound.

Why is it important to feature a mix of employees in employer branding videos?

Featuring a mix of employees in employer branding videos provides a diverse representation of the team. This allows followers to find a perspective that resonates with them, increasing engagement and attracting a wider range of candidates.

How can companies use employer branding videos to build their following and engagement rates on social media?

Companies can use employer branding videos to build their following and engagement rates on social media by sharing videos that highlight their core values, workplace culture, and employee experiences. These videos can help create a more personal connection with potential candidates and differentiate the company from competitors.

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