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5 Ideas For Employer Branding Videos (With Examples)

Lauren Thomas

March 16, 2023



In a competitive hiring environment, a strong employer brand can be a powerful differentiator. Sharing team activities and culture initiatives can help your business stand out and attract the best candidates. 

Videos featuring the faces of your employees is a great place to start and will bring your social media feeds and careers pages to life.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are five employer branding video ideas you can try. Each is designed to give potential candidates a glimpse behind the scenes of your business and can help build your following and engagement rates on your company pages on LinkedIn.

How to showcase your employer brand with video

1. Share New Year’s resolutions

Set the tone for a productive year by sharing the team’s goals and resolutions for months ahead. An easy question that everyone can answer guarantees maximum involvement.

2. Welcome new employees

Give new hires a warm welcome with an intro video shared on social media. These videos can be recorded on their first day and shared internally, as well as externally, helping remote teams feel connected from the very first day. 

3. Spotlight culture Initiatives

Showcase the values and perks that make your company unique. At Vouch, we’ve introduced quarterly Recharge Days, to give everyone time to relax and restore their energy. To launch the initiative, we asked everyone to share their plans.

4. Celebrate national days

From Employee Appreciation Day to International Women’s Day, there’s no end of international days to inspire you to create employer branding content with your team throughout the year. With a dog-friendly office (and team of animal lovers) Love Your Pet Day was a natural fit for Vouch.

5. Say thank you

At the end of the year, when you want to thank your clients and customers for their support, swap the usual email from the founders for a more personal, feel-good video that features the whole team. 

How to create an employer branding video that stands out

Collect consistent content 

There’s nothing like a rogue 9:16 recording to ruin your perfect 16:9 edit. If your team is self-recording their content asynchronously, set a clear brief. Remind them of the ratio you need, and share recording tips for clear visuals and sound. 

If you’re using Vouch to collect your employer branding content, you can make use of our ratio setting feature. It stops your team from submitting a video in any other dimension than the one you’ve stipulated. And each recording request is sent with our automatic reminders for picture perfect lighting and sound. 

Feature a mix of employees

Aim to share a diverse representation of your team in your employer branding videos, including people from different departments and levels of seniority. It’ll give followers a better chance of finding a perspective that resonates with them.  

If you’re looking for an easy way to combine them together, use Vouch’s Playlist feature. It takes just minutes to create a ready-to-share mega mix of all your favorite clips.

Keep it concise

Our attention spans are decreasing, and nowhere is that more apparent than on social media. Keep your videos concise and digestible with short, snackable clips to keep your audience tuned in. 

If you’re worried about keeping your employees on track, try setting a max duration for their recording in Vouch. Your teammate will see a countdown and the recording will be capped and the time you set. 

If you’re ready to start creating employer branding videos that’ll bring your unique company culture to life, sign up to Vouch for free

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

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