5 Videos to Help SMEs Build Trust in Their Business (With Examples)

Lauren Thomas

November 29, 2022



When it comes to building trust in your business, nothing beats video.

For SMEs and new businesses, establishing customer confidence will be an early priority. For established brands, maintaining it is an ongoing effort. Customers need to trust you and what you’re selling.

More and more businesses are turning to video content as a way to build this trust. When it comes to giving your customers a glimpse behind the scenes and inside the products, it’s the most powerful medium.

At Vouch we get to see our users creating hundreds of best-in-class videos every day. Some are delivered by experienced marketing teams, others by solopreneurs with minimal time to spare. With those examples in mind, here are five ideas you can add to your content marketing schedule for next year and start reaping the rewards. Whatever stage of business you’re at.

1. Explainers and demos

Expose the product you’re selling with a demonstration or product walk through. No hiding behind any bells or whistles, simply show customers exactly what they’re buying.

Not only does this do wonders to reassure the customer, it creates familiarity with the product, so they’re ready to jump in and start using it as soon as they buy. We created this demo video using Vouch’s screen recording function.

It’s also a winner for direct to consumer brands. You can show how a product works and what’s included either with a video from someone in your team, or by investing in some user generated content.

Just remember to keep these videos concise and jargon-free. They should act as a brief and easy-to-understand overview of your product, not a lengthy sermon on every feature.

2. Behind the scenes

People are interested in people, so never underestimate the value in sharing content that gives a glimpse behind the scenes of your business. Videos of the company offsite, team celebrations and office tours often perform really well on social media and help prospective customers feel as if they are getting to know the people behind a business.

We love sharing videos like, which showed what the team got up to on their Recharge Day. Videos were collected with Vouch, edited together using the Playlist feature, them downloaded and shared on social.

Not only does this build trust and brand awareness, but it also helps drive employee advocacy. By making your team the stars of your content, they’ll be more motivated to share these videos with their own social networks, boosting the reach of your posts. And who doesn’t love a bit of free amplification?

3. Q&As and FaQs

Answering your customer’s questions is a great way to allay buying concerns and to build trust in your business. Text based answers are OK, but when you answer these questions with video, you have the opportunity to make the responses feel even more authentic, engaging and helpful.

It’s also a more respectful use of your customer’s time. Sometimes a 100 word answer can be replaced with a 10 second screen recording. The faster you can help, the happier your customer will be.

Just don’t abandon the copy altogether. Adding closed captions to your videos can boost their accessibility and cater for sound-off users. If you’re using Vouch, you can take advantage of our automatically generated transcriptions to instantly add closed captions to your videos.

4. Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials have a huge influence over our buying decisions. Give your customers social proof they can really believe in by creating video testimonials, like below, that feature the faces and voices of your real customers.

Not only are they more engaging than a block of text on your screen, they’re more believable and have incredible repurposing power.

Consider your questions carefully, encouraging your customers to talk about the best parts of your product or service (you can check out our favourite shortlist of questions for that here). Be upfront about where you’d like to use the video, once it’s recorded (find our email request template here) Then use Vouch to collect answers at scale. It allows your customers to record whenever it suits them, and has all of the features they need to record the perfect take.

5. Origin story

For entrepreneurs and startups, authentic storytelling can help you build your personal and business brand. Share the story of how your business started, the early struggles and how far you’ve come.

Videos like this can feel personal and resonate with audiences on a deeper level. This can be really powerful for businesses still at the stage where the founder is still doing a lot of the selling. When people meet you they already feel like they know you.

This kind of video feels personal and resonates with audiences on a deeper level. A powerful asset for businesses where the founder is still doing a lot of the selling. When people meet you, they’ll feel like they already know you.

More established brands can still tap into this kind of video with nostalgic throw backs, or videos that tell the heritage story behind the brand. Reminding audiences of their integrity.

If you’re feeling inspired to start collecting videos that will build trust in your SME, sign up to Vouch for free. You’ll find every collection, editing and sharing tool you need to create impactful video.

Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

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