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How Marpipe Uses Vouch to Humanize its Content

Ian Cook

August 10, 2022



Marpipe is a martech platform that automates ad creative testing for brands and agencies. Jess Cook is their Head of Content, and uses Vouch to collect engaging testimonials to share on their website and social media.  

Vouch helped me humanize our content

“Vouch has helped me capture short, bite-sized customer testimonials for case studies and social media. It's really helped me humanize Marpipe content in a way that I just hadn't been able to do before. I love using it to embed content into a blog post, or case study, to give a little more texture to the story. Or in social media as a post on its own.”

It’s replacing our previous process

“For me, the biggest benefit of using Vouch is that I'm able to capture video asynchronously, while still maintaining the integrity of the story I'm trying to tell. I can control the questions that are being asked and so can help frame it. It's really quickly replacing our previous case study process, which was really time and labor intensive, a lot of in depth interviewing and writing. This is probably more valuable, in terms of watchability, as bite-sized content.”

I’d recommend Vouch to content marketers all over the world

“Specifically those in small or one person teams. I myself am a one person team, and it has made my job of collecting testimonials, short form videos and thoughts on new product features so much easier.”

The Vouch team is also a big part of the magic

“Their support is amazing. The people are super friendly. It's a team you want to work with and a team I trust is always going to reach out when I need support, need help, and also let me know about new features or new ways that I might be able to use my Vouch videos.”

Four ways to use Vouch content to your marketing channels

1. Add video to your blog posts

For obvious reasons, we had to start with this one! Adding video to interviews caters to those who like to consume their content in different ways, adds interest to text-heavy blog posts and encourages people to spend more time with your content. Wins all round. 

2. Drive landing page conversions

When it comes to driving web visitors to take an action, adding some social proof to the page can really up the ante. Testimonials can succinctly answer a prospective customer’s questions and relieve their concerns. At Vouch, we like to use our Vouch videos right at the top of the page, to answer user questions quickly. 

3. Combine your best answers to make a hype reel

If you ask your customers the same questions, creating themed compilations is a great way to show them off. They make super compelling social posts. Try our Playlist feature which allows you to combine your favorite clips and host them on a Playlink or share them as a Stitched Download. 

4. Boost discoverability with YouTube

YouTube can help more people discover your content, and your brand. Now Google surfaces video within their search results, high-ranking YouTube content can help customers searching for your solution find you on Google, as well as YouTube. Share your Vouch videos on YouTube and follow this guide to get them ranking. 

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

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