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How SevenRooms Uses Vouch to Save 15+ Hours on Each Employer Brand Video?

Roy Olende

Claydan Krivan-Mutu

Head of GTM Enablement


I'd 100% recommend Vouch. I think it's a really versatile tool, and because of that could be used by anyone across any function in any business. If you're seeking feedback and you want to humanize it, then I think Vouch is the tool.

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How Hubspot Scaled Their Social Proof With Vouch

Roy Olende

Anna Bryan

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Culture Amp

Vouch has become almost a household name within Culture Amp, with how many different teams are using it. I use it to tell customers stories. Our recruitment team has used it during candidate screenings. Teams all across the company have used it for internal recognition, giving shoutouts over video.

The uses of Vouch are endless at Culture Amp because it's so easy. And I think that in a time when we all have tons to do, resources are strapped, Vouch just helps us achieve our goals and put a face and a voice behind everything that we're doing. So I love Vouch and I will recommend it to anybody!

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Culture Amp

How Culture Amp Uses Vouch to Scale Customer Advocacy

Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett

Senior Director of ELG (Event-Led Growth) & Evangelism


The best thing about Vouch, honestly, I think, one is the embed experience on the website. Again, we don't want to take people off of the Airmeet Creator Studio page. We want to keep everything there, which was amazing to do. The second piece is just the organizational aspect of this. For someone where this is just one piece of my job. And like I have to go through and now review every single one of these videos that come in. I needed to be organized. I need to be able to have everything in a clear and concise way and Vouch delivered there because if not, it probably would have taken me days or weeks to be able to go through all these videos, sort them, not only have myself review them but also have others review them as well.

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How Mosh Simplifies UGC Collection With Vouch

Tracey Hall

Tracy Hall

Head of Brand & Growth


If we were to do this via an agency, there would be a dozen people involved, the cost of them, the communication, just actually being able to put this on a platform and let tech manage the process, is an amazing benefit, to a small but nimble marketing team.

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Jes Cook

Jess Cook

VP, Brand & Content


The Vouch team is a big part of the magic. Their support is amazing. The people are super friendly. It's a team you want to work with and a team I trust is always going to reach out when I need support, need help, and also let me know about new features or new ways that I might be able to use my Vouch videos.

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Why Canva Loves the Versatility of Vouch

Justin Stevens

Senior Talent and Communciations Producer


Vouch helps us save so much time when recording employee video content, things that used to take hours. Now, just take a few minutes. We can set up a vouch, send it over to employee and get, be able to record and edit and get a transcription all within the app itself. It used to be a situation where we'd have to get a pre-interview or recording, edit it in a different software. All of these different factors. It saves time, not only for myself but saves time for any employee that we're featuring in the video and really helps us so much

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