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The Best Way to Ask for a Video Testimonial

Video testimonials are a powerful way to attract new customers. They provide social proof, help build trust and effectively convert new customers. 

We shared the seven key benefits of testimonial videos in our last blog. In this one, we’re going to help you collect them. Our tips on the best way to ask for a video testimonial, from both your clients and from your customers, will help you to capture high-quality responses at scale. So you can start experiencing all of the wonderful benefits of video testimonials yourself.

How to ask for a video testimonial

Before we jump into the specific advice for clients and customers, there are some handy best practice tips that should help when asking for any video testimonial

In every testimonial request, there are two objectives. The first is ensuring you get responses back. Your testimonial campaign will fall flat if you don’t get responses, so encouraging your clients and customers is key. The second is making sure you’re getting the right responses back that fully fulfil your goals. 

1. Encourage people to respond to your request: 

  • Consider making some questions optional. Responders may get put off sharing their valuable insights for certain questions, if they feel forced to answer others they’d rather skip. Unless they’re essential, mark any tricky or niche questions as optional. It’ll help your customers or clients move through faster and feel like a less daunting request. 
  • Make your request instantly recognisable. If you’re sending your testimonial request through Vouch, there are plenty of personalization options that’ll help build trust and put your clients and customers at ease. Show your face with a profile picture or record a short intro on video, right within your request. You can even add your logo, colors and branding with our Starter plan

2. Be specific about what you need:

  • Share filming guidelines. Poor lighting or audio can ruin a video, so ask your clients and customers to film their testimonial in bright natural lighting, with minimal background noise to mitigate this risk. It sounds simple, but you might be surprised with how many people forget! That’s why every Vouch video request is automatically sent with our filming tips.
  • Ask the right questions. Open-ended questions, that get to the heart of the benefits you’re trying to communicate, are your best bet for scoring a great testimonial. Consider them carefully, test and refine. Check out our suggestions for clients and customers later in this article for a head start. 
  • Set a time limit. Sure, you can always edit your video testimonials to hone in on the more insightful moments, but setting a limit up front can also help keep your respondents sharp and on point. 
  • Set the ratio. Think about the final destination of the video testimonial and ask your customers to film in portrait or landscape mode accordingly. Will it be shared on your website, or is it for a specific social media platform? If you’re using Vouch, you can specify this at the request stage.
  • Let clients know if there is a deadline. People may not be ready to film video responses on the spot, so be sure to let them know when you need the testimonials by. If you’re using Vouch, you can encourage them to use the calendar reminders feature.

How to get video testimonials from clients

When it comes to clients, leveraging your existing relationship can help you collect the most high-quality responses. Here’s how to ask your client for a video testimonial. 

1. Give them a heads up

Checking in with a client first is a great way of increasing the chance of a response to your Vouch request. This could be as simple as a phone call, Slack message, or email. Below is a customizable template that can be adapted as needed for any channel. 

Hi [Client Name],

Following on from our last conversation, we are so excited that you have offered to help [Your Company Name] by sharing some quick feedback via video.

Normally, these testimonials are very time-consuming (we would have to be in your office with a camera crew) but we are using a new product called Vouch which will allow you to record your thoughts remotely and quickly!

Here's how Vouch works:

1. We will set up a series of questions for you to answer and you will receive a link from Vouch asking you to share some thoughts for [Your Company Name]

2. When you are ready, you can click this link from your desktop or mobile. This will bring you into the recording space to start answering each question individually

3. There's no pressure to get it right the first time as you can replay and re-record each video as many times as you'd like before hitting "submit"

4. You will then get an email from Vouch with your video link to review or share if you would like

We have kept the questions brief and expect the whole process to take you 10 minutes max! Thank you again for being part of our customer testimonial program and please let us know if you have any questions at all.


[Your Name]

2. Swap a written request for a video request

Following that initial heads up, request the testimonial with a video of your own. A video message from someone you know is almost impossible to ignore! It’s also a great chance for you to showcase how a great take looks and sounds, giving your client an example to follow. In ‘going first’, you help allay the fears of anyone who might be nervous about jumping in front of the camera.

3. Share some context

Let your client know why you have reached out to them for a testimonial. Perhaps you have chosen them because they have been a client for a long time, or have recently converted from a competitor? Understanding why this testimonial is important, where it might be used and why, could help motivate them. 

4. Follow up 

Unless you’re an uber organised ‘inbox 0’ kind of person, you too might have forgotten a request you had every intention of actioning! If a client misses the deadline you sent, there’s no harm in checking in and sending a friendly reminder. You can do this instantly on the Vouch platform. 

Top ten questions to ask clients for video testimonials 

  1. What problem were you facing that made you seek out [company/ service]
  2. How did [company/ service] help you overcome those problems?
  3. What were you using previously and how does [company/ service] differ?
  4. What was the best thing about [company/ service]? 
  5. How was your experience interacting with our team?
  6. Did anything surprise you about [company/ service]? 
  7. Would you recommend[company/ service] to a friend and why?
  8. What ROI have to experienced as a result of [company/ service], please be as specific as you can?
  9. Will you continue to use [company/ service] and why?
  10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Discover more great questions to ask clients here.

How to get video testimonials from customers 

When approaching customers, scale is likely to take precedence. Here’s how to ask your customers for video testimonials and get maximum responses. 

1. Make sure the time is right

Timing is everything. Try to give your customer enough time to experience your product or service, but not so long that they lose any of that initial excitement that’ll bring the testimonial to life. Automating the testimonial collection process is a great way to make sure you get it right every time.

2. Share your request everywhere

If you’re taking a ‘more the merrier’ approach to your video testimonial collecting, you’ll want to share your request far and wide. Use every social media channel and newsletter at your disposal. Chances are, different customers will follow you on different platforms. With Vouch, this is super simple with our embed and social sharing options. There’s even a QR code, if you’d like to collect testimonials in person or at an event.

3. Create a dedicated landing page

If video testimonial collection is part of your ongoing marketing efforts then you might want to consider a dedicated webpage to streamline your efforts. Use it to give your customers further context and add examples of customer video testimonials that came before, to help inspire them.

Top ten questions to ask customers for video testimonials 

  1. Did anything specific make you purchase [product/ service]?
  2. Has your problem or challenge been solved by [product/ service]? 
  3. What results have you achieved with [product/ service]?
  4. Have your expectations been unmet, met or exceeded?
  5. What do you like most about [product/ service]?
  6. How does [product/ service] improve your life at [company]?
  7. Did you use a competitor before moving on to [product/ service], if so which?
  8. Which three words would you use to describe [product/ service]?
  9. What would you say to someone thinking about purchasing [product/ service]?
  10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Looking for a shortcut? Check out Vouch's question template library to get your campaign up and running in just a couple of clicks.

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