Team updates that get straight to the point

Collect and share structured updates from your team with Vouch's Q&A video platform. The easiest way to keep everyone aligned without *yet another* meeting.

team updates on video

Thousands of teams love Vouch, including:

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Get everyone on the same page, fast

Find out where everyone's at with Vouch. Videos are quick to record and can be shared instantly so everyone gets up to speed.  

Keep moving across timezones

Your team can record when it's convenient for them, and you can watch responses when it's best for you. Calendar clashes are a thing of the past.

Save a meeting, send a Vouch

Give your team a project update, without slowing them down. Simply record a quick Vouch and share to all.

Succinct responses save everyone's time

Customisable questions and time limits put you in control. Get the info you need from your team, then get on with your day.

Your brand, not ours

Customize Vouch with your logo, brand colours and styling to create a seamless video experience across the team.

Lights. Camera. Traction

Cut through the noise with video.