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Create compelling, on-brand videos that showcase your company and culture. No editing skills, designers, production teams or app downloads required.

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Capture content from anyone

Create Requests to brief and capture videos from your team effortlessly.

Capture the perfect take

Ensure you get the content you need with questions, prompts scripts, notes, re-recording and more.

Record on any device, anywhere

Your team can record across any browser, on any device, anywhere.

Your brand, not ours

Stay on brand with your colors and logos, not ours.

Make recording a breeze

Simple links and QR codes for recording - not app downloads and passwords.

Create the perfect video

Edit your videos, create hype reels, choose from your templates and apply your branding in a few clicks.

Effortless editing

Trim, crop, edit via transcriptions or let AI do the work to create the perfect piece of content.

Powerful playlists

Combine your best videos to create compelling reels.

On-brand templates

Make content your own with templates. Apply fonts, logos, colors, slides and more to your videos.

Transcriptions and translations

Vouch automatically transcribes your videos in 20+ languages.

Share anywhere. Literally.

From websites to social channels and more, Vouch makes it seamless to share your content with the world.

Hosted video player

Share your content instantly and on-brand with the Vouch video player. A custom landing page that can be shared via link.

Social sharing

From LinkedIn to Instagram, TikTok and more, share your content natively from within Vouch.

Website embeds

Showcase your videos on your websites, careers page and more with embeds. Choose from endless on-brand styles.


Export clips, reels and more with control. On-brand, subtitled and cropped downloads.

A video library at your fingertips

Collaborate in a powerful video library where content is tagged, clipped, summarized, transcribed and searchable in seconds.

Keep content organized

Tagging, searching and more allows you to structure your own personal asset library.

Find what you need, fast

AI-powered keyword search lets you find what you need, when you need it.

Analytics and measurement

Track views, loads, clicks and more to see which content is working best for the team.


Stay organized and secure with dedicated content spaces for teams, departments and more.

Say goodbye to manual editing

Vouch’s AI suite automates all the worst parts of video editing and production - leaving you to focus on putting your content to work.

AI highlights & clips

Automatically clip the best quotes and reels.

Insights in an instant

AI Summaries give you instant insights into your footage.

Automated hype reels

Let AI create the perfect hype reel for you.

AI scripts & teleprompter

Instantly generate a short set of notes to guide your script.

Integrate directly into your tech stack

Check out our integrations, or get creative with our Enterprise APIs
Anna Bryan Claydan Krivan-MutuTracy Hall

“Vouch helps us achieve our goals and puts a face and a voice behind everything that we're doing. I love Vouch and I will recommend it to anybody!”

Anna Bryan @ Culture Amp

“I love Vouch. I think it sits really nicely in any tech stack. And there's so many different ways that it can be used from collecting feedback from your sales team, doing deal reviews through to getting testimonials from customers.”

Claydan Krivan-Mutu @ Canva

"If we were to do this via an agency, there would be a dozen people involved, the cost of them, the communication, just actually being able to put this on a platform and let tech manage the process, is an amazing benefit, to a small but nimble marketing team."

Tracy Hall @ Block

Vouch for Enterprise


The safety and privacy of your data is baked into everything we do. We’re proudly SOC 2 compliant, GDPR and HIPAA ready.


Secure regional deployments, user access controls and SSO to keep your content secure.


Keep your content separate and secure across teams, departments and functions with Spaces.

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