Let your customers tell your story

With Vouch you can collect video testimonials with a single link. Add your questions, send the request and capture the authentic voice of your customers, all in a few clicks.

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Powerful testimonials, perfectly prompted

Add questions, ratios and time-lengths for the perfect response. Vouch does the heavy lifting for you and your customers with AI-generated questions and script suggestions.

A customer story for every conversation

Build a diverse library of testimonials relevant to every segment, region and persona you're targeting across the globe. Create an authentic video collection that delivers for every sales and marketing touchpoint.

Add video testimonials from your workflow

Seamlessly share customer stories right from your browser into a sales email. Embed in your website, social channels, Slack, internal wikis, presentations and more to let your customer tell your story.

Experience Vouch for Testimonials

Create a quick test video to see what it's like to record with Vouch

Intuitive, AI-powered recording

Stuck for words? Get the story flowing with  AI-powered script suggestions, speaker notes, on-screen question prompts and unlimited takes. Our recorder is built for real people to tell great stories.

Create a perfectly on-brand experience

Customise Vouch with your logo, brand colours and styling to create a seamless video experience across all of your sales and marketing channels. Available on the Starter plan.

The benefits of customer testimonial videos

Authentic customer stories have a powerful impact on your sales and marketing results. Adding customer testimonials can improve landing page conversions,  boost sales team performance, increase trust and explain your product offering in an authentic way.

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