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5 Examples of Testimonials, You'll Want To Copy

Ian Cook

March 1, 2022



Word of mouth has always been one of the most powerful ways to attract potential customers.

Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from happy customers (real people) are invaluable, and they can even in areas like employer branding where you are passively attracting top talent to your business because people simply love what you do!

Today, we're looking at 5 examples of remarkable video testimonials, with how your business can be taking advantage of this simple, cost-effective media.

For most people today, genuine consumer reviews resonate more than a brand's own advertisements ever could. It’s not surprising then, that so many businesses, including business owners, now invest in customer testimonial videos to tell a satisfied customer's success story and provide social proof. This review style can be significantly more effective than traditional advertising methods, as most consumers will trust a peer over a paid actor.

In addition, you can build strong credibility with potential leads by using your loyal customers' voices to advocate for your brand's behalf through positive feedback. These testimonials are also perfect for social media channels and influencer videos across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media posts.

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1. Apple video testimonial

2. Trinny London video testimonial

3. Mr Yum video testimonial

4. Notion video testimonial

5. I’m Your New video testimonial

6. Bonus: Make your own Vouch video testimonials today!
(with example by Airwallex, Culture Amp and HubSpot)

Why Are Video Testimonials So Powerful?

The video examples of testimonials beloware so persuasive, hitting the right notes for the target audience, that some of these video testimonials even made their way into a brand’s advertising.

These authentic ads are simply a refreshing change to scripted brand messages, helping these brilliant companies cut through in a saturated market space.

And while you're watching the examples below, consider that through Streaming services, YouTube, Social Media, Apps, Micro-influencers (not to mention the old TV and radio), the average person encounters an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 ads daily.

Making an impact with your target market is now more challenging than ever.

Compelling examples of testimonials are authentic, highlighting real customers to prospective customers.

And these videos are also the most likely to get shared, so you can tap into the 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others as studies by RendrFx show. Add to that stat, that after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online according to Hubspot.

And it's easy to see why Video testimonials are an incredibly authentic way to tell customer success stories without the sales pitch, that work! People now switch-off completely to adverts, and if your ads are getting played, it will most likely be because people have no other option like on a movie streaming service.

Just think of the amount of YouTube ads you've skipped, that says it all.

So let's break down "why" video examples of testimonials work so well, the common types, and how to emulate their success so you can achieve not only better visibility but also bottom-line ROI from your marketing budgets - simply through better-leveraging reviews from customers and modern, easy to use testimonial video apps like Vouch. There are different ways to display customer examples of testimonials, including visual formats like video testimonials, written reviews, social media shoutouts, case study testimonials, interview-style testimonials, and online peer reviews. However, it's important to note that not all testimonials are created equal. In order to have a successful marketing campaign, it's crucial to have good testimonials that showcase the positive impact your products or services have had on your clients' lives.

As you might have noticed, we love video testimonials at Vouch.

1. Apple video testimonial example

As pioneers of innovation and one of the earlier adopters of video customer reviews, we have to start with Apple. The technology company excels at selling experiences to not only new customers but also their current customers, and their 2002 ‘Switchers’ campaign was the perfect example of gaining market share from a major competitor (in this case, Windows), through an example of testimonial advertising.

We notice that Apple customers often speak directly to the camera, and in this examples of testimonials, they explain clearly why they switched to a Macintosh computer. The customer's voice is used to compare to Windows - from an actual Windows administrator directly.

This type of testimonial advertising video ad is cheeky, in a way that Apple would have found difficult to pull off without a customer doing the narrative.

The music also helps with this customer story to add some fun to the marketing strategy, which Apple did remarkably well, before social media testimonials were even around. Effective in their simplicity, these early Apple video testimonial examples prove that with testimonial videos and copywriting this good, you don’t need any fancy production to make them resonate.

This example is one of the perfect testimonial templates, an authority template, that you can expand into powerful case studies to create authentic testimonials with a minimal budget.

Add a powerful headline boost on social media; this type of examples of testimonial plays right into the touch points that generate interest, customer engagement and sales. All from a single customer experience captured on video using tools like Vouch.

Of course, making sure your legal team approves your script first is essential when doing any video testimonial advertising that references a competitor.

2. Trinny London video testimonial example

Customer testimonial videos have always been a favourite of results-driven beauty brands, and almost every beauty brand or cosmetics company uses social media testimonials and client testimonials in their marketing material, from unboxing to guides and self-help videos.

In social media, polished productions can look too conspicuous. That’s why we love this ad from Trinny London. Please note it's a Facebook Ad, so you'll need to click the link to view it.

The type of content in this testimonial example is brilliant and a perfect example of the ways people use Vouch to capture authentic customer experiences.

In this testimonial video, a customer shares her nighttime routine, shot in the bathroom, in a testimonial video that emulates trending social content. This familiarity stops it from feeling too disruptive in the feed.

It’s warm, and engaging, doesn’t instantly stand out as an advert. It's the authentic videos that encourage scrollers to linger for longer. Having users linger is also good for a website's SEO on-page score, just as a side benefit.

Testimonials from people who use your product are everything, and these testimonial advertising examples show why. This single video is enough to convert people to an entirely new beauty routine, and that says something about the power of telling a compelling story from a real customer to a potential customer.

It’s also a great how examples of testimonials can feel more emotive than a list of product benefits that many organizations seem to promote at the core of their marketing. Here, the customer says that “taking some time for herself” is something she “looks forward to every day”. Crucially sharing how the products make her feel as well as look.

This attitude is consistent with the brand's personality throughout their website and blog submissions. Trinny London champions building genuine customer relationships, moving beyond the staged, fake, and sometimes patronising advertising approach.

It’s an approach that’s proved incredibly effective. Trinny London is one of Europe's fastest-growing direct-to-consumer startups, with a £180 million [$250 million] valuation - and a big part of that remarkable growth is the power of positive reviews.

3. Mr Yum (now me&u) video testimonial

In the first few video testimonial examples, we looked at the power of video reviews. However, the customer feedback process can also apply to capturing the positive experiences of your employees.

When hiring, employee testimonial videos can help companies stand out and give potential candidates an insight into your company's culture. Company growth can be daunting for many founders, especially smaller companies with small or no HR team. Employee examples of testimonials can take a considerable chunk of the work required away to find the ideal prospects - and are so easy for your employee and customer base to share on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn with the position description.

Menu platform Mr Yum dials up the relatability factor to the max with this team testimonial, providing a diverse snapshot of the team while promoting their values and vacancies. In leaving the funny outtakes in, the video feels warm and energetic. So, while Vouch lets you record takes until you’re happy with the result, remember there can be gold in those outtakes! The same applies to your marketing messages, especially across digital platforms where authenticity is everything.

Featuring multiple faces and voices provides greater insights in this testimonial video and allows for more variety and a faster, more captivating edit. This is particularly important when trying to capture attention on social and why we’ve made it so easy to collect video at scale with Vouch.

The exact process can be applied to employee training videos, which we love promoting here at Vouch with our video platform. You only need to record a process once, store it in Vouch or any of the apps we integrate, and have the perfect onboarding and training video resource.

With Vouch, you can set up simple questions, like 3-10 questions, for your employees to answer to create the videos. Creating relevant questions and a library of templates can save you time as it guides your employees. If in doubt, involve your Marketing Manager to generate these questions and employee videos. Your Marketing Manager may even be able to use some of the content for your company's marketing ad campaigns and inside your onboarding and growth tools like Klaviyo if you use them, not to mention across your social media accounts as you build influential authority figures from within your organization.

4. Notion video testimonial example

Making a software service feel personable can be a challenge, especially for software companies like Notion, with all types of clients in different verticals. But different testimonial types help to bring everything to life. Seeing videos and photos of people, someone who you can relate to, saying a product made their life easier is a powerful marketing tactic. It's also a great gateway into a detailed case study if you have a complex product. Consider featuring a single good customer testimonial example as the first thing potential clients see, especially if it showcases the benefits of your company's offerings rather than just the features, highlighting the exceptional customer service. This will leave a lasting impression on your future customers and showcase your company's strengths.

This is something Notion realises and nails this with their marketing and influencers. One video that really gets us excited is 24 minutes long by Jules Acree, which details how Notion is used to run her business and her life. The business this video testimonial has generated for Notion, we can imagine, is immense!

Using a combination of video and screen recording, supported by graphics, this examples of testimonials is perfect for a website and different social media types with some video editing (like you can do in Vouch). And while you only hear from one customer, it shows the power of Notion for those who invest in the software and how you can copy Jules Acree to set up your own Notion account and management.

Jules has also effectively used text on screen to keep the audience focused. Text on screen is also a good strategy for blog post testimonials, social testimonials, study testimonials, simple quote testimonials or any testimonial videos to help keep your target audience engaged for as long as possible.

The best way to test what examples of testimonials will work best for your organization, is to make some. Lots of companies and satisfied customers love our video software app, including teams like Canva, Shopify, Amazon, Dropbox, HubSpot and more!


5. I’m Your New video testimonial

The recruitment platform I’m Your New have done outstanding customer persona research, and they use testimonial videos to support their product benefit claims. Each has been shot simply in the user’s home environment and is an introductory video format. This starkly contrasts the studio sets and professional lighting we’re used to seeing in traditional testimonial videos.

This helps, rather than hinders, the impact. Videos instantly feel more modern and authentic and are reminiscent of WFH scenes we’ve all gotten so used to following various lockdowns!

We love their use of the Q&A feature with thoughtful questions to structure these longer videos. Viewers can even use the bottom nav to jump to the question they’re most interested in. Vouch’s platform uses a Q&A function to help you get the most value from your testimonials. You can use it the same way, guiding your customers to speak about the issues your prospective users will most want to know about and ensuring you get maximum value.

With these more extended examples of testimonials, the content can also be repurposed by your sales and marketing team. For instance, full-page case studies that are captivating, clear, and data-backed are easy to create when your customers have written much of them.

You know these case studies will hit the right touch points for any potential audience you are targeting, and case studies work exceptionally well for different types of clients as you can deep dive into features, too. That's the beauty of a case study created from a longer video testimonial. Just be sure to give your customer thoughtful questions so that you can get to the heart of your company's USPs - something I’m Your New does extremely well. Case study testimonials provide potential leads with a complete customer story, making it a valuable tool for B2B companies trying to convince an entire business to buy their product or service.

6. Bonus, Vouch's own Video testimonials

As one of the easiest video testimonial platforms, the Vouch team have a great resource of video testimonials you can find here with companies like Canva, Mosh, Culture Amp, HubSpot and more.

These are more in-depth but great examples you can use to create different types of testimonials that directly appeal to your target audience and prospective customers. For us here at Vouch, capturing positive experiences is our primary goal, as the simplicity of Vouch is what many of our customers love most - Vouch was designed to slot directly into your workflow and not be a new tool or process. However, the best testimonials are specific and authentic, like our video testimonials from satisfied customers who have seen real results with Vouch.

These testimonials include specific details and personal experiences, making them an excellent example of how SMBs can execute a cost-effective testimonial page and connect with potential customers on various social media platforms, highlighting specific features that make Vouch stand out as a perfect solution for remote teams.

Vouch testimonial by Airwallex, using Vouch.

Vouch testimonial by Culture Amp, using Vouch.

Vouch testimonial by HubSpot, again using Vouch!


Why are customer testimonials important for businesses?

Customer testimonials are important because they provide social proof and credibility. They show potential customers that real people have had positive experiences with your products or services, which can help to build trust and influence purchasing decisions.

What are the benefits of using these examples of testimonials?

Video testimonials are particularly effective because they are more engaging and persuasive than text-based testimonials. They allow potential customers to see and hear real people sharing their experiences, which can make the testimonials more relatable and convincing.

How can businesses create effective video testimonials?

To create effective video testimonials, businesses should focus on authenticity and storytelling. They should choose customers who are enthusiastic and articulate, and they should ask them to share specific details about their experiences with the product or service.

What are some common types of examples of testimonials?

Some common types of video testimonials include customer interviews, product demonstrations, before-and-after stories, and customer testimonials shot in natural settings. Each type has its own strengths and can be used to achieve different marketing goals.

How can businesses use examples of testimonials in their marketing strategies?

Businesses can use video testimonials in various ways, such as on their website, social media channels, email campaigns, and digital advertising. They can also repurpose video testimonials into other types of content, such as blog posts, case studies, and infographics.

What are some tips for creating compelling vids?

Some tips for creating compelling video examples of testimonials include choosing the right customers to feature, asking open-ended questions to encourage storytelling, keeping the video short and focused, and editing the video to remove any unnecessary content.

How can businesses measure the effectiveness of their video testimonials?

Businesses can measure the effectiveness of their video testimonials by tracking metrics such as views, engagement rates, and conversion rates. They can also gather feedback from customers to see how the testimonials are influencing their purchasing decisions.

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