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Introducing Our All-New Recording Experience

Steve Birchall

February 1, 2022



Capturing great video shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’ve spent the past few months digging into what gets in the way of recording the perfect response, and building an even better experience to solve these challenges.

To truly get to the bottom of what we needed to build, we went out to our existing customer base. After many conversations, it’s been great to understand just how much you value short, focused responses which get to the point, and the importance of different functionality like optional questions, aspect ratios and more.

We’ve created a new experience that we’re really proud of and we hope you love it, too. You can take a test-drive of the new recorder here, or walk through all of the new features below:

Guide your recipient to get the perfect take

Before you even send your request for video, you can set more controls to ensure you get the perfect video back. These include:

- Set questions as optional: give your responders the flexibility to skip questions they can’t answer.

- Set a maximum duration: help responders to keep focus and stay on point with a time limit.

- Optimize the aspect ratio: handy on-screen guides help centre the perfect position no matter if it’s for your website, LinkedIn or even TikTok.

Greater control to record with confidence

Your responders will now see a whole new recording experience with greater control, so they can land the perfect take, first time around. These improvements include:

- Add speaker notes: no more um’s and ah’s. Speaker notes help responders to stay on track.

- Record first, admin later: add name and company details after recording, or choose to stay anonymous.

- Schedule: calendar integration allows responders to set aside a date and time to Vouch.

Recording video just got a whole lot easier, for everyone. Jump in and try the new recording experience for yourself, or create a new Vouch request.

Steve Birchall

Steve Birchall

Head of Product

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