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best questions to ask your customers in a review

The Best Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Customer or Client

If you’ve decided to start investing in testimonial videos and have a customer or client willing to Vouch for you, then congratulations, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’re about to start experiencing all of the benefits of sparkling social proof. 

Well, almost. The next step is creating a set of questions that will tease out the most compelling parts of their customer story, and provide you with a persuasive piece of content, without boring them with an endless list. 

No pressure then.

At Vouch, we’ve got your back. Having seen hundreds of testimonial questions and responses, we know which tend to get the best result. Keep scrolling for our top five testimonial questions to ask your customers and clients.

Why should you ask your customer for a testimonial video?

Word of mouth has always been a powerful and persuasive marketing tool. Proving you can satisfy the needs of someone who has the same problems and priorities as your prospective customer goes a long way to building confidence and buying conviction.

Video testimonials take that a step further. Not only are they more engaging than a written testimonial, and far harder to ignore, they’re more believable. Watching someone share their experience in their own words and seeing their delight on screen builds an instant connection. 

Brands can then share these engaging assets on their websites, social media, or email journeys. The possibilities are endless. All you need to do is set the stage for them to shine. 

Five testimonials questions to ask your customers or clients

1.  Please could you introduce yourself and your role at [insert company name]

This simple question does two things. Firstly, it adds context and credibility. Introducing your customer as a real person, working at a real company helps build that all important trust. Particularly if they work at a company your other customer may have heard of.

Secondly, it helps to warm them up on camera. An easy question gets them in the flow so they are ready to confidently answer the rest!

2. What problem were you facing that made you seek out [company/ service] and how did [company/ service] help you overcome those problems?

Allowing your customer to explain their problem helps set the scene for your product or service to solve it. It also gives you a chance to build that relationship between your existing customer and your prospective one. The more they can nod their head and relate to a pain point they both share, the more the story and recommendation will resonate. 

3. Would you recommend [company/ service] and if so, who to?

Asking if they’d recommend you is great, but we recommend going a step further and asking ‘who to’? Not only will it elongate a potentially short answer, but it gives them an opportunity to namecheck your target customer, giving you a hyper relevant testimonial video.

4. What was the best thing about [company/ service]? 

Time to uncover the magic. Give your customer space to talk about the thing they loved the most. It’s likely to be their most animated, enthusiastic answer. Video testimonial gold.

5. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

This question will stop you from leaving a single stone unturned. Speaking from experience, we find some of the very best answers come from this open ended question. If they’ve got something left on their mind - they can share it here.

Steal these five questions for your own customer testimonial campaign.  Select them from Vouch's question template library to get your campaign up and running in just a couple of clicks.

Steal these five questions for your own customer testimonial campaign

Select them from Vouch's question template library to get your campaign up and running in just a couple of clicks. Check out this quick demo from Vouch's Enterprise Sales Lead, Ben Sher, who'll show you how to set up a campaign with a question template. 

And if you’re looking for a templated request for that initial outreach, you can find one with our tips on the best way to ask for a video testimonial.

Remember once you’ve created your video testimonials with Vouch, our sharing options make it easy to amplify your content in your marketing channels. 

Seeing is believing

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