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SevenRooms Uses Vouch to Save 15+ Hours on Each Employer Brand Video

Gary Zurnamer

May 22, 2024


  • Company: SevenRooms
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Headquarters: New York
  • Size: 300+

Based in New York City, SevenRooms is a marketing & operations platform for the hospitality industry. The platform makes it possible for restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and nightclubs to grow revenue and deliver personalized experiences to every guest.

For SevenRooms, employer branding (EB) is a major priority. The company aims to be a workplace where employees feel empowered to grow and thrive. “At SevenRooms, everything revolves around choice,” says Justin Stevens, Senior Talent and Communications Producer at SevenRooms. “Every single day, our employees wake up and choose to work at SevenRooms.”

SevenRooms understands that employee stories are key to developing and sharing their EB. The company puts employees at the center of internal and external EB campaigns using video content. 

After facing challenges in collecting and compiling content, the company turned to Vouch for a more automated, user-friendly solution.

Challenge: Multiple Tools, Manual Processes

Every time SevenRooms wanted to record an EB video, Stevens would begin by coordinating an interview with a specific employee. SevenRooms is a global company with employees spread out across the world; scheduling these interviews often involved finding the perfect time for Stevens, who is based in New York, to get on a Zoom call with someone in London or Sydney.

SevenRooms would conduct and record these interviews on Zoom or Google Meet, which meant that the output was long, unedited, and often in standard definition. After the interview, Stevens would begin working on converting that content into a blog post and a shorter, shareable video clip. It involved dropping the video to a transcription system and then editing the results for the blog post, while the videos would have to be edited manually.

Altogether, Stevens estimates that each employee story took 15–20 hours to produce, from start to finish. “It’s a process that was heavily manual and took a lot of time,” says Stevens.

Solution: Plug and Play EB Video Tools

With Vouch, SevenRooms can streamline many of the most tedious processes in their EB video campaigns. This begins with scheduling: instead of finding time for employees on opposite ends of the world to meet on a Zoom call, Stevens simply enters questions into Vouch and allows employees to record their answers asynchronously.

Once a video is collected, the team can edit the clips without leaving the platform. “The process takes less than 30 minutes to set up the Vouch, add all the questions, communicate with the person and set expectations with them,” says Stevens. “Once they record it, I already have the transcription done, and the video is edited and ready to go.”

As Vouch evolved, the platform became more important to SevenRooms’ employer branding efforts. In particular, Stevens appreciates the platform’s templates which allow him to save even more time when editing and publishing content. “The templates feature combines everything I want: graphics on the lower third, displaying the question itself, and saving time,” says Stevens. “Vouch is now my go-to platform.”

Results: Better Video Quality and Substantial Time Savings

Vouch allows SevenRooms to scale up its EB efforts while simultaneously improving quality. The platform records content in high definition, outperforming the quality of video conferencing platforms. “Not only does the video quality look better, but responses are more concise because we set time limits within the platform,” says Stevens.

The automation offered by Vouch adds up to substantial time savings. According to Stevens, a process that typically took around 20 hours can now be completed in three or four. ”In my own role, if I’m spending half of my week working on one piece of content… my other tasks are piling up,” says Stevens. “We’re saving time and eliminating a lot of stress.”

Looking forward, SevenRooms is also exploring new internal uses for the Vouch platform. The company’s leadership team recently used Vouch to answer employee questions in an “Ask Me Anything” format. As the platform evolves, SevenRooms is finding new ways to use Vouch throughout the employee lifecycle.

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