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4 Ways To Create Video With Vouch

Gary Zurnamer

May 2, 2022



With 5,000 Vouch users now creating video all around the world, we’re seeing a wide range of use cases emerge. From marketers seeking real testimonials, to product teams collecting honest user feedback, and teams looking for a more engaging way to share internal comms.

Today, we’re excited to launch some new features that’ll help make Vouch an even more flexible platform and support you in creating effective video, whatever your use case. 

Here are the four ways you can create video with Vouch.

1. Add your existing video assets with Vouch Uploads

You can now upload videos you have captured outside of Vouch, into Vouch. It’s super simple to bring your existing videos, brand assets, customer stories, or any other clips, into the platform. Use them alongside the Vouch clips you’ve collected to create powerful playlists.

2. Capture your story, with Vouch Self-Recordings

We know that you want to share videos, as well as request them. Now you can record yourself, your screen, or a mix of both, to create structured team updates, Q&A explainers or demo videos. Or, record a cover video to go with your next Vouch request, to give your respondent a warm welcome before they answer your questions.

3. Gather responses at scale with Vouch Campaigns 

If you need lots of responses to the same set of questions, Vouch Campaigns are the one for you. Send the link to as many people as you like. Perfect for gathering lots of user feedback, customer testimonials, employee updates, video support tickets and so much more. 

4. Gather a single Vouch

You know this one! Set your questions, send the link, and get a video response back in no time. Vouches are the simplest way to collect a single video.

The new, powerful Vouch platform is ready and waiting. We can’t see what you create with it. Jump in and explore the platform.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

Gary Zurnamer

Gary Zurnamer

Co-Founder and CEO of Vouch.

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