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Can Video Personalization Help Your Employer Brand in 2024?

Ian Cook

March 29, 2024



Have you ever wondered how much content is published every single day on the internet?

The statistics are mind-bending. 

In 2024, an estimated 7.5M new blog posts, and 3.7M new YouTube videos are published - every single day. Then, add on people's feeds on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, you can see that with soo much content being produced, why people are crying out for content personalization. 

Companies today, many who use Vouch video personalization software, are even pushing into new levels of hyper-personalized content, especially in the Employer Brand area, creating messages that are tailored to each individual user to rapidly boost user engagement and the user experience during the recruitment process.

So, let's dive in and look at how your company can be vying for top talent through video personalization to help your HR and Talent Acquisition teams attract, onboard, and retain the very best talent. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Video personalization is a powerful way to enhance your employer brand and recruitment conversion rates when it comes to attracting top talent.
  • Creating personalized video messages allows you to engage candidates on a deeper level while showcasing your company culture to help ensure the right candidate match.
  • Understanding the importance of video personalization in today's competitive talent market is crucial for staying ahead of the competition.
  • Implementing video personalization campaigns requires a pre-planned strategy, which needs to fit in with the overall recruitment and awareness funnel, like posting on social media.
  • Tools like Vouch make personalized video campaigns remarkably easy. Be sure to book a demo! 

What is video personalization, and where can you use it?

While today we are looking at leveraging video personalization for your Employer Branding, video personalization with tools like Vouch can help all kinds of areas in your company, including:

1. Employer Branding Videos

This is where video personalization can help you showcase your workplace culture, elevate onboarding and attract stellar talent, which we're covering more in this article.

2. Internal Communications Videos

Video personalization in internal communications can help you better collect and share structured updates from your team with a Q&A video platform and keep everyone aligned without meetings.

3. Recruitment Videos

Video personalization in recruitment gives your candidates a beautiful on-brand experience while helping your hiring team with screening. 

4. Sales Videos

Video personalization in sales helps you add context and build trust, with videos that lead and customers that answer what they need to know, closing deals in less time.

5. UGC Videos

Video personalization is the core of user-generated content (UGC), building authentic videos that resonate with your audience as part of a personalized video marketing strategy.

6. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonials are at the heart of video personalization at scale. Any potential new customer watching an existing customer's testimonial video will feel like the content is made just for them - because it is.

Understanding Employer Branding Trends in 2024

Now that we've covered the different types of video personalization strategies your company can use let's focus on where video personalization can have the best ROI within your employer branding strategy.

By understanding these trends, you can align your content strategy with candidate expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

The Power of In-Person Filming

One significant trend in employer branding was the return of in-person filming. As companies adapted to the new normal, they realized the value of showcasing their work environment and culture through authentic, on-site videos. 

In-person filming allowed organizations to capture the essence of their employer brand and create more engaging content for candidates, all without any high production overheads or editing. And if you use Vouch, you get some incredibly powerful AI editing tools that save you even more time when it comes to internal employee videos!

The Importance of Employee Video Libraries

Another trend that's growing in 2024 is the importance of employee video libraries, often called UGC video libraries. Companies recognize that by showcasing their workforce in a genuine and relatable way through strategies like your spotlight questions, you can quickly enhance their employer brand. 

By curating a collection of videos featuring employees from various departments and backgrounds, organizations could showcase their diverse talent and create a sense of belonging for candidates. Vouch also makes this super easy, and to see how you can create your own employee video library, simply book a demo today.

The Rise of Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos gained significant traction in 2023 and 2024 as organizations realized the impact of showcasing their values, traditions, and working environment. These videos allowed candidates to get a sneak peek into the company's culture, helping them determine if it aligned with their own values and aspirations

By sharing authentic and compelling company culture stories through videos, you can attract the right talent who resonates with your brand, which can lead to lower retention rates and elevated employee happiness.

The rise of AI-Powered Video Personalization

AI and personalization were rarely used in the same sentence until last year. Still, today, AI is playing a huge role in video personalization, as it allows for fast and effective editing that highlights the very best of a video recording.

Of course, we're not talking about AI-generated videos (yet), but the use of AI to make more digestible and engaging video edits for platforms such as social media. We still need a human face in 2024 for effective video personalization.

At Vouch, we've implemented AI into our editing tools, as it can help you streamline your content production and save time and resources while delivering high-quality, tailored content. Here's a breakdown:

1. Increased Efficiency 
Of course, the biggest benefit of AI in any tool it's used in is the efficiency. In Vouch, AI automates time-consuming editing tasks, allowing you to produce videos at a faster pace.

2. Improved Accuracy 
AI algorithms ensure precise transcription, color correction, audio enhancement, and background removal, resulting in professional-quality videos and improving customer experience.

3. Cost Optimization 
AI-powered tools reduce the need for manual labor, saving production costs without compromising video quality.

4. Creative Flexibility 
AI enables you to experiment with different visual and audio elements, empowering you to create unique and engaging videos.

How Does AI Help Video Production Efficiency?

AI has revolutionized the way we produce videos and personalized video content. Let's explore some key AI-powered features in tools like Vouch:

1. Transcription 
AI-powered transcription tools can automatically convert audio content into written text, saving you time and effort in transcribing interviews or dialogues for your videos.

2. Interview Questions 
With Vouch, you can use AI to generate interview questions for candidates, employees, and more. It's extremely powerful when it comes to engaging prospects and creating memorable experiences in your recruitment process.

3. Video Editing 
Perhaps the most powerful AI benefit is that you can now analyze video footage and let AI create its own edits based on what you need. One of the most used AI features in Vouch is the highlight reels. If you have yet to see them, be sure to book a free Vouch demo here!

4. Audio Enhancement 
With AI, you can improve the audio quality of your videos by reducing background noise, balancing audio levels, and enhancing clarity. This might seem simple, but it really does make it easier to get quality videos from employees and customers.

5. Backgrounds 
AI-powered tools are powerful tools when it comes to efficiently blurring or removing unwanted backgrounds or replacing them with virtual backgrounds, allowing you to customize the visual environment of your videos.

These AI applications significantly streamline the post-production process, saving valuable time and resources compared to manual editing methods.

Video Personalization and Employee Advocacy in 2024

In today's social media-driven age, your employee advocacy programs are a powerful way to amplify your brand reach and attract top talent as part of your Employer Branding strategy. 

The Benefits of Employee Advocacy Programs

  • Talent Attraction: Employee advocacy programs can significantly impact talent attraction by extending the reach of your employer brand. When employees share their positive experiences, achievements, and career journeys, they become powerful brand ambassadors who can attract like-minded professionals to your organization.
  • Brand Trust: Content shared by employees is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy compared to branded content. It helps build credibility and creates a genuine connection between job seekers and your organization, fostering trust and loyalty in potential candidates.
  • Personalized, High-Quality Content: Effective employee advocacy programs require personalized, high-quality content. This content should reflect the unique experiences, diversity and perspectives of your employees, showcasing the diverse talents and strengths within your organization. By encouraging employees to create and share compelling content, you can captivate your audience and differentiate your employer brand.

However, it's essential to equip your employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively participate in employee advocacy programs and how to make hyper-personalized videos

Regular ambassador training sessions can help employees understand the best practices of content creation, social media engagement, and storytelling. These sessions empower employees to share their own stories confidently and strategically, maximizing the impact of your employee advocacy program and the end video experience for your potential customers and building customer loyalty.

Employee advocacy and video personalization is not just about promoting your brand; it's about empowering your employees to be the voice of your organization. By prioritizing personalized, high-quality content and providing ambassador training, you can unleash the power of employee advocacy to take your talent attraction and employer branding proposition efforts to new heights.

What Is The Evolution of Employer Branding on Internal Communications?

Employer brand has undergone a significant evolution, expanding beyond its traditional role of attracting external talent to encompass internal communications and employee engagement to help you build a remarkable workplace culture

It has become increasingly crucial for organizations to recognize the impact of employer brand on internal stakeholders.

One of the critical aspects of this evolution is the recognition of the importance of internal communications to ensure that employees are well-informed about the organization's mission, EVPs, and goals at all times. By aligning your employer brand with internal communications strategies, organizations can foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among employees, enhancing overall engagement and productivity.

In addition to internal communications, your employer brand in 2024 should also play a major role in driving employee loyalty. A strong employer brand helps employees feel a sense of pride and connection to your company, increasing their overall satisfaction and willingness to go above and beyond their job responsibilities. 

By actively involving employees in your employer brand initiatives and gathering their feedback with tools like Vouch, you can further enhance engagement and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

How is Video Personalization and Internal Communications Connected?

Reflecting company culture
Your employer brand serves as a reflection of your organization's values, mission, and culture. Personalized videos help employees to understand and connect with the organization's identity, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Resonating with candidates and current employees
A strong employer brand resonates not only with external candidates but also with current employees. By consistently delivering personalized videos based on your employer's brand promises, you can build trust and credibility.

Driving retention 
A positive employer brand significantly influences employee retention, and personalized videos are at the heart of this. When employees feel valued, supported, and aligned with the organization's purpose, they are more likely to stay with the company for the long term, reducing turnover and associated costs. 

In summary, personalized videos can and should play a huge part in your internal communications. By aligning your employer brand with your internal communications strategies, you can quickly foster a sense of unity and purpose among your employees, ultimately leading to a high-performance workplace.

Using Video Personalization To Simplify the Complex Recruitment Process in 2024

In the ever-evolving recruitment landscape of 2024, talent acquisition professionals face various challenges and opportunities when it comes to candidate relationship management. As you navigate this complex environment, video personalization is crucial to attract and retain top talent.

Here's how video personalization helps:

1. Speed of Hiring 
The speed of hiring is a critical factor for organizations seeking to fill positions quickly and efficiently. With increasing competition for talent, streamlining your hiring process with video personalization and leveraging modern video tools like Vouch, you can automate and expedite workflows, which can give you a competitive edge.

2. Budget and Resource Constraints 
Managing recruitment activities within budget and resource constraints is an ongoing challenge. It is essential to optimize your budget allocation by identifying cost-effective strategies and utilizing data analytics to measure ROI - which is where video personalization can play a huge part in reducing repeatable processes and, therefore, costs.

3. Outdated Technology 
Outdated technology can hinder your recruitment efforts and lead to inefficient processes. Embracing digital transformation like video personalization and AI is crucial, as it allows you to leverage advanced applicant tracking systems, automate candidate screening, and utilize data analytics to make informed hiring decisions.

4. Social Media Engagement 
Social media engagement is crucial in reaching and connecting with candidates, both active and passive. Utilize video personalization across platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to share job openings, company updates, and engaging content that resonates with potential candidates. Encourage current employees to share their positive experiences to enhance your employer brand and attract like-minded talent, which is employee advocacy at its finest.

5. Diversity in Job Advertising 
Promoting diversity and inclusivity in your job advertisements is essential for attracting a diverse pool of candidates. Use inclusive language, showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion, and remember that a diverse workforce leads to innovation, creativity, and enhanced business performance.


What is video personalization for employer branding?

Video personalization for employer branding is the practice of creating personalized videos to enhance your employer brand. It involves tailoring video content to specific audiences and incorporating individualized elements such as names, job titles, and other personalized data to make the video more engaging and relevant to the viewer.

Why is video personalization important for employer branding in 2024?

Video personalization is important for employer branding in 2024 because it allows you to connect with your target audience on a more personal level. In today's competitive talent market, candidates are looking for authentic and personalized experiences. By using personalized videos, you can effectively communicate your employer value propositions (EVPs) and showcase your company culture in a way that resonates with candidates and differentiates you from your competitors.

How can I implement video personalization campaigns for my employer brand?

To implement video personalization campaigns for your employer brand, you can start by identifying your target audience and understanding their needs and preferences. Then, use personalized data to customize your videos, such as including the viewer's name, job title, or other relevant information. Leverage video content that showcases your company culture, employee stories, and benefits. Finally, use video marketing platforms or tools that allow for easy personalization and distribution of your videos.

What are some employer branding trends that dominated 2023?

In 2023, several employer branding trends emerged as dominant forces in the industry. These included the return of in-person filming, the importance of employee photo libraries, the rise of company culture videos, and the mainstream adoption of AI-powered content creation. These trends focused on creating authentic and engaging content that resonated with candidates and reflected the unique aspects of an organization's culture.

How can AI enhance video production efficiency for employer branding?

AI-powered tools can enhance video production efficiency for employer branding in various ways. They can automate processes such as interview transcription, color correction, audio enhancement, background removal, and removal of unwanted objects in the background. By leveraging AI in the video production process, you can streamline post-production tasks and create high-quality personalized videos more efficiently and effectively.

How can employee advocacy programs impact employer branding?

Employee advocacy programs can have a significant impact on employer branding by empowering employees to share content on social media. When employees share their own stories and experiences, it adds authenticity and credibility to the employer brand. This content shared by "normal" people can attract talent, build trust, and increase the reach and visibility of your employer brand.

How does video personalization help internal communications and employee engagement?

Employer brand plays a crucial role in internal communications and employee engagement by reflecting the company culture and resonating with both candidates and current employees. An authentic and well-defined employer brand can contribute to brand awareness, improve employee retention, and support the success of employee recognition programs. By aligning employer brand with internal communications and employee engagement strategies, you can create a cohesive and impactful employee experience.

What are the challenges and opportunities in the recruitment landscape in 2024?

The recruitment landscape in 2024 presents various challenges and opportunities for talent acquisition professionals. Common challenges include the speed of hiring, budget and resource constraints, and outdated technology. However, there are also opportunities in budgeting and resource allocation, organic recruitment marketing strategies, social media engagement, diversity in job advertising, digital transformation, content creation, and data analytics. Navigating these challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities can help organizations attract and retain top talent.


Keep in mind that in 2024, an estimated 7.5M new blog posts and 3.7M new YouTube videos are published - every single day. Then, add on people's feeds on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn etc, you can quickly see the need for content personalization. 

Video personalization for employer branding cannot be underestimated, and by aligning with key trends in employer branding and recruitment marketing, you can enhance your employer brand and attract top talent. By embracing video personalization, you can create a powerful employer brand, attract top talent, and foster a high-performance workplace.

Tools like Vouch also make Video personalization a lot easier for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon, and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

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