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Streamline Your Recruitment Process With Video and Vouch

Gary Zurnamer

December 21, 2022



For recruitment personnel, there is little downtime.

HR teams and recruiters have their work cut out, gathering job descriptions, posting, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, simultaneously understanding candidates' career history and goals, knowing their personalities and deciding whether they're a good culture fit for the team.

Finding the ideal candidates takes work, and then there's the added pressure of taking reliable notes and syncing multiple schedules. You can quickly see why the recruitment process (and recruiters) can use a little help. That's where the latest software tools can help.

Today, we're looking at Vouch, the handy video tool that helps streamline the recruitment process for companies big and small. 

How can Vouch streamline your recruitment process?

When we look at some of the more time-consuming areas of recruiting, three main areas always come up - promoting open positions, potential candidate screening, and the many rounds of interviews. 

Here's how Vouch helps with your applicant's success:

1. Using Video helps to generate buzz

By creating employee testimonials (with your current employees) and building your employer brand around your core values and workplace culture, you are on a fast track to promoting your positions on social media to expand your applicant pool.

The best part is that with Vouch video and social media, you are getting your company in front of both active and passive candidates - one of the most important recruitment strategies in today's highly competitive market for top talent.

Building your employer brand with Vouch to show your company culture may be easier than you think. Click here to see how Vouch builds employer branding.  

The recruitment process doesn't start with posting a job. It starts with building your employer brand. Create an honest company introduction and showcase some of your team, and the recruiting process is a lot easier for your entire recruiting team - one HR person or a large company.

2. Using Video for candidate screening

After creating a compelling job description, you can share a Vouch request with their preliminary questions. This can be as simple as adding a Vouch campaign link to a job listing or using this step after the initial application to advance the more suitable applicants.

Video responses bring color to written applications and cover letters while providing context. With a one-way asynchronous video, you'll be helping your hiring team to get a feel for the candidate and move those best suited to the job onto the next stage.

While tools can help with recruiting metrics, Vouch Video can help with your instincts. Every company and team has their own culture, and you can be sure that your next hire perfectly fits your company's culture, organizational values and mission.

3. Async video can make interviewing rounds easier

Video interviews are the next best thing if you can't meet face-to-face. Today, most companies will conduct a phone or video interview before an in-person interview (if possible) and perform all the background checks before any face-to-face meetings are scheduled.

However, asynchronous video interviews are a brilliant alternative if you can't sync up in the same time zone. With Vouch, you can add questions, have your candidate record when it suits them, and review when it suits you. Then, share the videos or the automatically generated transcriptions with your recruitment and management team.

Async video interviews can also take some pressure off candidates; as you know, some people are extroverted, and some are introverted. Asynchronous Video sets a level playing field for both so that you are hiring the best person. All other recruiting strategies aside, making job applicants feel comfortable throughout the interview process is essential - not everyone can sell themselves.

How Vouch helps you hire smarter

Here are some of our own internal HR and recruitment team's favourite Vouch features:

Save time with your candidate Q&As

Interviews can quickly go off track - there is a lot to discuss after all. Vouch's Q&A feature delivers just the information you need to know to make quick, informed decisions. Set only the questions you want answered, and if you want to keep it snappy, you can set a time limit for their answer.

Thanks to its async nature, Vouch works for you around the clock. Collect video responses from talent around the world while reducing cost per hire reducing bad hiring decisions, all without having to manage clashing calendars. 

Video Q&As during interviews help your team move faster, screen potential hires and onboard only the best talent. It's a streamlined hiring process at its best - and Vouch is now implementing a host of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to speed recruitment processes up even more.

A simple process candidates love

Vouch helps candidates deliver focused video responses to your questions - in a simple, intuitive way. With recording tips, speaker notes, and the opportunity to re-do takes. Vouch makes it easy for your suitable candidates to show their natural strengths, introverts and extroverts alike.

Candidates, especially talented candidates, will love the freedom to go into depth about their abilities without having to please anyone but the camera. There are no distractions with async Video.

In recruitment, soft skills matter at every stage of the candidate pipeline. Using non-invasive technology that empowers your job candidates, you can create an exceptional candidate experience throughout the application process.


Easy collaboration tools

Playlists are perfect for compiling your candidate's answers into one megamix, so they're ready to be shared with the wider management team and hiring managers. Alternatively, you can create a shortlist of your top candidates and watch them answer the same questions side-by-side to ensure you find the perfect candidate.

Our Spaces feature helps you organize a dedicated space for every client, team or region you work across. Each has access to the same set of tools but has complete control of their own content, contacts and questions. Get in touch with us if you'd like a demo of this much-loved feature within our Teams plan.

In-depth integrations that bring hiring teams together

A streamlined recruitment process means getting your entire hiring team and talent onto the same page, which is often easier said than done. We touched on the efficient recruitment process in this article, but sometimes more is needed.

Sometimes, you need your tools to integrate with other tools like CRMs that your wider team uses.

Vouch seamlessly connects with the hiring tools you use daily, like Slack, Google Drive, HubSpot, Canva, Zapier, Lever, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, Highspot, Confluence, Integrately, Jira and more.

This means you can capture Video with Vouch, access it immediately and collaborate with your team in your existing workflows.

If your team communicates on Slack, use our Slack integration to instantly get your team across new Vouch responses. When a video is submitted, it can surface in your hiring channel.

Alternatively, if you use Lever as your hiring stack, our integration allows you to use the Vouch recorder as part of your existing recruitment workflow. This guide explains how to connect the platforms, but here are a couple of the benefits you can expect with Vouch integrations:

1. Automated interview invitations 

Build your recruitment campaign within Vouch, then within the integration, define what the candidate should be sent. Lever will trigger a video request once the candidate has hit a particular stage in the flow. The integration can move the candidate to a new step once they have responded.

2. Searchable transcriptions, instantly imported

Vouch brings all transcription information into Lever, so you can use the native search in the platform to remind yourself who said what. Video responses and transcription are organized into the candidate's profile and data on when the request was sent and viewed.

With our Zapier and Integrately integrations, you can also bring Vouch into several other hiring tools like Bamboo, Recruitee and more.

Summary: Ways to streamline your recruitment process.

Streamlining the recruitment process is about simplifying it, like automating routine tasks.

The same applies to scaling your recruitment and selection process.

The key is setting up and managing a seamless recruitment process for you and your applicants - from job application, pre-interview questions, interview scheduling, phone interviews, final applicant screening and more. With Vouch, you can optimize every step without overly complicated automation tools.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

Gary Zurnamer

Gary Zurnamer

Co-Founder and CEO of Vouch.

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