Be your own video editor

Trim, customise and combine your favourite videos with Vouch's suite of easy editing tools.

Edit your videos

Trim videos

Discard any false starts or mumbles and zone in on the magic. If you make a mistake, simply reset.

Choose Thumbnail

Choose the perfect thumbnail to make your video look its best. No awkward freeze frames here.

Edit transcriptions

Edit automatic transcriptions to ensure your closed captions read perfectly.

Automatic translations

Vouch can identify and transcribe over twenty languages.

Adjust aspect ratios

Ensure your video is the perfect shape and size for sharing.

Vouch screen recording

Create a Playlist

Combine your best videos to create compelling reels.

Here's one we made earlier

Check out our customer love playlist. All videos were collected, edited and embedded with Vouch

Make it your own

Pick and choose the details you'd like to display alongside your clip, including optional captions, logos and names.

Customise Vouch with your own brand. Add your colors and logo to create a professional, on-brand feel for every video.

Lights. Camera. Traction

Cut through the noise with video.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of videos can I create with Vouch?

With Vouch you can create short-form, authentic videos right from your workflow. Whether it’s a campaign to collect customer testimonials, a proposal run-through, or an async team update, Vouch brings context and impact to every video you create.

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Who uses Vouch?

Vouch is loved by some of the world’s best team, from start-up and scale-up companies like Mosh and Culture Amp, to well know companies such as Canva, Shopify, Amazon, Dropbox, Atlassian, Hubspot and more. There is no restriction, if you want to make or capture authentic videos, Vouch is a great option.

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Can I download videos from Vouch?

Yes, you can download HD videos from Vouch on our Starter and Teams plans.

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How long is my free trial?

You can try Vouch Starter free for 14 days. There’s no credit card required to sign up, and you’ll have access to our premium features like downloads, custom branding and AI-powered questions & notes.

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Can I add my team?

Yes, you are able to invite and collaborate with your wider team based upon the seat limits of the plan you are subscribed to.

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Is there a discount for paying yearly?

Yes, you receive a 20% discount when signing up to one of our annual plans.