Manage your content

Our collaboration spaces and analysis tools help you work smarter, not harder.

Manage and collaborate

Team management

Invite your team to collaborate with you on video projects and work from the same shared space.

Contact management

Keep your contacts organised by grouping them by business and editing their details.

Fuss-free compliance

Make the signing of T&Cs or privacy policies mandatory, to save you admin later on.

Custom subdomains

Replace the domain with a custom URL. This feature, available on Pro, personalises the recorder and Playlink experience.

Vouch screen recordingVouch screen recording



Get organised with a dedicated space for every client, team or region you work across. Each has access to the same set of tools, but has full control of their own content, contacts and questions.

More insights, more user seats, more impact for your business. Spaces is available on our powerful Teams Plan.

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Content enrichment and analytics


Use automatically generated transcriptions to add closed captions to your video.

Language identification

Vouch can identify the language your video content has been recorded in.

Basic analytics

Measure the impact of your videos by tracking their views, downloads and shares, and keep on top of how many Vouches you've requested and received.

Integrated analytics

Track how your audiences are interacting with the recorder, embeds and Playlinks.

Vouch screen recording

Lights. Camera. Traction

Cut through the noise with video.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many videos can I create with Vouch?

Both our Teams and Enterprise plan offer unlimited video creation and storage.

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Who owns the videos that I produce with Vouch?

You and your organization own all video content recorded or uploaded to Vouch.

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What devices is Vouch compatible with?

Vouch is browser-based by design - meaning you can record, share, edit and download videos from all major desktop and mobile devices running Chrome, Safari, Edge and/or Firefox.

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Do my team or I need an app to record videos?

No, Vouch requires no use of an app. We have done this intentionally to help everyone have the easiest recording and sharing experience possible. Zero friction, better results.

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Can I customize the branding?

Yes, you can fully customize the Vouch experience across recording, sharing, playback and more.

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Do people need to sign up or have a login to record a video with Vouch?

No, through our “Requests” feature, anyone with a link, QR code or embed can record a video seamlessly.

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Who hosts the videos?

Vouch hosts all of the video content across secure servers. Remember though, you can access and download your videos from Vouch anytime.

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Can people collaborate on Vouch?

Yes, members of your team (with a user seat) can tag, search, organize and collaborate within your Vouch library.

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Does the Vouch team provide training, onboarding and support?

Yes, depending on whether you are a Teams or Enterprise customer, you will have a combination of online, help center or dedicated account support for training, onboarding and more.

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Can I download my videos from Vouch?

Yes, you can download your videos in the highest resolution (HD) that they are available in at anytime.

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Can I create or add custom-branded templates to Vouch?

Yes, as part of our Enterprise plan, we can work with you to create custom video templates for your content. We also have our native Canva integration available for both Teams and Enterprise customers.