Capture video from anyone

Vouch recording being shown on a desktop and mobile device

Use our customisable recorder to build a library of compelling video from your customers, community and team.

Set up and customize

Creating the Questions

Add questions

Set the questions you'd like answered or use one of our curated question templates, then mark them as optional or compulsory.

Vouch manin question settings

AI question generator

Our AI question generator helps create the perfect set of questions to elicit the best responses.

*Available on Starter and Teams

Setting the duration of the recording

Set a max duration

Cap the length of the video you receive.

Setting the aspect ratio for the recording

Choose the aspect ratio

Set the dimensions of the video that's recorded.

Vouch screen recording

Request camera or screen recording

If you need someone to record themselves, they can do so on any camera-enabled device. Alternatively, Vouch can capture their screen, or both at once.

Creating the QuestionsVouch manin question settingsSetting the duration of the recordingSetting the aspect ratio for the recordingVouch screen recordingVouch screen recording

Choose your collection method

Share a link

Share the collection link with one - or many - and watch your authentic content roll in.

Request via email

Email your link to a contact, or use EMSP personalisation to deliver bespoke links to each recipient of a campaign.

Use a QR code

Collect videos with a QR code, automatically generated by Vouch.

Record from your site

Embed our recorder on your website. Your customers can record their Vouch without ever leaving your site.

Schedule reminders

Maximise your responses by switching on automatic reminders.

Vouch screen recording

Recording is a breeze

User-friendly recording

A single link takes your customers, clients and team to our recorder. There they can add speaker notes, re-record as many times as they need to, submit their best take or schedule for later.

AI script generator

Use the AI script generator to write notes, structure your thoughts, or create a script to guide you, or your customer, to film the perfect take.*Available on Starter and Teams

Fool-proof filming tips

No bad takes here. Every Vouch request is sent with our guidelines for perfect sound, lighting and framing.

Custom branding

Customise the Vouch recording experience with your colors and logo to create a professional, high-trust experience. Or change the web address to feature your company domain.

Vouch screen recording

Personalised requests

To make your request instantly recognisable, you can upload your photo as an avatar, add a personalised message, or even a video.

Vouch screen recording


Manage all of your content in a searchable, central library. The perfect way to keep you - and your videos - organised.

Vouch Library

More ways to capture

Upload a video

Bring your favourite videos recorded outside of Vouch, into Vouch. You can use them in Playlists, Cover Videos, or any other Vouch output you fancy.

Record yourself

If you have something to share, capture yourself or your screen with Vouch and have it automatically uploaded to your library.

Lights. Camera. Traction

Cut through the noise with video.