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Company Culture Videos: How & Why To Make Them

Ian Cook

March 1, 2024



Company culture videos have become a powerful tool, especially if you are looking to improve your employer brand and create a more inclusive and desirable workplace. Videos of course, also let you showcase your company on platforms like social media, to show why you are industry leader - and get people excited about working at your company.

By leveraging modern video tools like Vouch, you can offer a captivating glimpse into the inner workings of your company, highlighting the people, the mission, and the overall company culture.

Company culture videos and provide valuable tips on how to create impactful videos that effectively communicate your organization's culture. Whether you are looking to engage your current employees or attract talented job seekers, these videos will play a crucial role in promoting a positive and engaging company culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Company culture videos are the perfect way to show your values, diversity, and mission.
  • These videos are key for engaging employees and attracting active, and passive job seekers.
  • You should always tailor your company culture videos to resonate with your target audience.
  • Be sure to always highlight your current employees and their values.
  • Modern video tools like Vouch make company culture videos remarkably easy.

Why Do Authentic Company Culture Videos Matter?

Company culture videos can provide a visual representation of a lot of parts of your company, such as your culture, core values, mission, beliefs, and overall workplace atmosphere. With carefully crafted videos, you can connect on a deeper level with your audience.

However, it's your video authenticity that matters.

Creating authentic company culture videos matters for several reasons:

1. Building Trust

When people see authenticity, it builds trust and credibility with your brand and team. When you create company culture videos, your viewers need to feel engaged and instantly trust the content. Polished videos that appear like commercials will unfortunately not have the same results as a real, grassroots video.

2. Engagement

Authentic videos engage viewers on a deeper level, and they also evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and create a stronger connection between the content creator and the audience. This engagement can lead to increased interaction time, more shares, and online discussions.

3. Storytelling

Authenticity plays a vital role in effective storytelling. Sharing real experiences, emotions, and narratives helps convey messages in a compelling and memorable way. Authentic videos make the story much more impactful.

4. Differentiation 

In a world where there's an abundance of content, authenticity can help your videos stand out over competitors. Authenticity sets content apart from scripted or overly produced material, making it more unique and interesting.

5. Influence

Authentic videos have the power to influence opinions, behaviors, and attitudes. When viewers perceive the content as authentic, they are more likely to be influenced by its message or call to action.

6. Long-term Relationships 

Creating authentic videos helps in building long-term relationships with the audience. When viewers feel a genuine connection, they are more likely to remain loyal followers or customers.

7. Easy to make 

With all of these benefits, you might be surprised to know that authentic company culture videos are easier to make and far easier on your budgets too.

Ultimately, authenticity in videos is about being true to oneself or the brand's values, beliefs, and identity. It's not about perfection but about being genuine, which can greatly impact how the content is perceived by your audience.

Should Company Culture Videos Resonate with Job Seekers?

Research by HubSpot suggests that 54% of people prefer video content from brands, indicating the effectiveness of videos in conveying your company culture to potential candidates or customers.

These statistics also show why these company culture videos have a significant impact on job seekers and current employees alike.

Job seekers, especially top talent, are more likely to apply to companies that showcase their culture through videos, as it gives them a sense of what it would be like to work there. Your employees, on the other hand, feel a sense of pride and belonging when your company values are effectively captured on video.

Should You Align Your Company Culture Videos with Your Corporate Identity?

When creating corporate culture videos, it is important to align the messaging with the company's corporate identity and be totally transparent when doing so.

While they can be somewhat different, especially in tech companies and startups where it's intense work followed by lots of fun, by ensuring consistency between your company culture videos and the company's corporate identity, viewers will have a clear understanding of what your company stands for, and how it operates.

This alignment helps to establish trust and credibility with the audience and reinforces the authenticity of the company's culture.

What Should You Include In Your Company Culture Videos?

To create a successful company culture video, you need to highlight specific aspects of your culture that would appeal to your audience. This could include showcasing employee testimonials, your company's diversity, your employee value propositions, and more.

You should also consider showcasing your company's supportive work environment or featuring workplace activities that demonstrate your commitment to work-life balance and team engagement.

Having a clear message and format in mind is also crucial. You may choose a storytelling approach to engage viewers emotionally or focus on highlighting the unique benefits and opportunities your company offers. By aligning your message and format, you can ensure that your video effectively communicates your values and engages your intended audience.

Remember, planning your company culture videos is key. Also don't forget to try modern video tools like Vouch that can make your life a lot easier. You can book a Vouch demo here if you like and see why teams like Canva, Amazon, HubSpot, Cisco, Nike, and more love Vouch.

Company Culture Videos: What Are The Technical Considerations?

When creating company culture videos, there are several technical and creative considerations to keep in mind. These technical factors include:

Optimizing Video Length:

Keeping company culture videos concise is crucial for maintaining viewer engagement. That doesn't mean longer videos don't work; you just need to be sure that your longer videos don't lose people's attention. Delivering a clear and impactful message in a shorter duration is often easier too.

Technical Quality:

With tools like Vouch, you don't need to worry about video technical quality. However, proper lighting, framing, and composition are essential for visually captivating videos. Also, aim to ensure clear audio, as poor audio quality can distract and undermine the effectiveness of the message.

Storyboarding Importance:

Planning the sequence of shots through storyboarding, even the most basic storyboarding, helps visualize the narrative flow of company culture videos. A well-executed storyboard serves as a roadmap, so you can produce videos efficiently and effectively.

Creative Considerations:

Balancing technical and creative elements is crucial for creating engaging company culture videos. While some props and backgrounds can look nicer than others (and you need a certain standard), overdoing the creative can actually have some negative effects as the viewer may feel like they are being sold to. So creative props need to be done carefully. 

Ensure the Human Element in Company Culture Videos

The human element is a crucial aspect of company culture videos. By featuring employees in the videos, you can provide a personal touch and showcase the diverse individuals who contribute to your company culture. 

Additionally, consider featuring moments of teamwork, collaboration, and employee interaction to highlight the positive and collaborative atmosphere in your company. These aspects showcase how employees work together, support one another, and contribute to the overall success of your company and its people. 

While you might be tempted to leave your employees out of your company culture videos and maybe just showcase a few managers for example, please do consider that your employees are your company culture!

Tools like Vouch also make company culture videos remarkably easy, helping you create video content that captures authentic employer reviews and employee experiences. Be sure to book a Free demo here.


What is the purpose of company culture videos?

Company culture videos are created to showcase an organization's values, engage employees, and attract job seekers.

How do company culture videos help in showcasing organizational values?

Company culture videos provide a visual representation of an organization's culture, allowing viewers to understand its mission, core beliefs, and overall atmosphere.

Why do videos resonate with job seekers and employees?

Videos have a significant impact on job seekers and employees, with high engagement and resonance, creating an authentic connection with the audience.

How can organizations align their video messaging with corporate identity?

By deliberately strategizing the content, organizations can ensure that their company culture videos effectively communicate their values and engage their target audience.

How should organizations strategize their company culture videos?

It starts with identifying the target audience and then tailoring the video content to resonate with them, highlighting aspects of the culture that would appeal to the demographic.

What technical and creative considerations should be kept in mind when creating company culture videos?

It is important to optimize video length for viewer engagement, navigate the do's and don'ts of video production, and utilize storyboarding to ensure a cohesive narrative.

How does featuring employees in company culture videos enhance authenticity?

By showcasing the diverse individuals who contribute to the culture through testimonials, interviews, and day-in-the-life segments, authenticity, and relatability are added to the videos.

How do company culture videos foster a sense of connection and community?

By featuring moments of teamwork, collaboration, and employee interaction, company culture videos highlight the positive and collaborative atmosphere within the organization.


In conclusion, company culture videos are powerful tools for showcasing your values and engaging employees and job seekers. To create successful culture videos, you should strategize your approach by considering the target audience and the desired message and format. There are technical and creative considerations, such as video length, production quality, and storyboarding to take into account.

Also, after viewers have watched the culture videos, it is crucial to invite them to take action - be it applying for a job, visiting your website, downloading a whitepaper, etc. Your company culture videos are an ideal lead magnet too!

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