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Amplify the voice of your best advocates with video to power your Nonprofit. Apply today as an NFP to get Vouch’s Pro features for free.

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Seamlessly capture powerful video stories

As a Nonprofit, you'll get access to our custom-branded, embeddable video recorder that guides your advocates to record perfect, impactful video every time.

video testimonials free
video testimonials free

Scale your video content, and your impact

Capture unlimited videos to showcase your story with depth. All your video content is organised in one searchable, easy-to-use library.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Vouch’s Nonprofit program free?

Nonprofit status gives you access to Vouch’s Pro features in your organization for free.

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Can my online self serve Nonprofit have multiple teams?

Self serve Nonprofits can have one team with up to 10 users for free.

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What are the Terms & Conditions for Nonprofits?

In addition to the Terms of Use for Vouch by which I am bound, and as a condition of use of my free Vouch Pro account, I agree to answer questions from Vouch in relation to the Nonprofit program and participate in any case study that is reasonably requested.

The questions from Vouch shall include, but are not limited to, the nature of the organisation I work for and how it uses Vouch’s video services and the Nonprofit program. In the event I provide answers or participate in a case study in relation to the Nonprofit program, I grant Vouch a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to use and publish the information I provide to Vouch.

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What are eligibility guidelines for the Vouch for Nonprofits program?

To qualify for the Vouch for nonprofits program, you need to be either: 
1) A Registered nonprofit
2) A social impact organisations with a mission consistent with a public or community benefit
3) A public health organization or government entity assisting with public health

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