Introducing the Vouch AI Editing Suite

We’re thrilled to introduce the Vouch AI Editing Suite.

Built from the ground up, Vouch AI Editing automates time-consuming and tedious tasks so you can focus on showcasing the best content and stories across your business. Record, request, or upload your videos now and let AI start working for you.

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No more manual editing. AI Highlights & Clips are here.

AI Highlights will automatically clip the best quotes and reels for you. Let the algorithm do its thing or highlight the key transcription quotes to create clips. Say goodbye to manual timeline editing.

Insights in an instant.

AI Summaries give you instant insights into your footage. You can even “Ask Vouch” to summarize the content for you.

Welcome to automated hype reels.

Set up your guidelines on length, key themes and topics, and let AI create the perfect hype reel for you. Hours of video content are automatically clipped into the perfect summary to share with the world.

AI Scripts & Teleprompter.

Instantly generate a short set of notes to guide your script. Just prompt Vouch with the topics/themes your video is focused on. Hit record, follow the teleprompter and make magic.

What does Ian think?

Ian is a designer and video editor here at Vouch. Hear what he says after saving hours on his latest project. Work smarter, not harder, folks.

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