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Why Canva Loves the Versatility of Vouch

Lauren Thomas

August 9, 2022



Claydan Krivan-Mutu is the GTM Program Lead at online graphic design tool, Canva. We asked him how Vouch was helping him streamline the collection of testimonials - but that wasn’t the only use case he had in mind!

Humanizing testimonials

"We use Vouch as a tool to collect customer testimonials, and it's helped us by humanizing those testimonials. Instead of them being written in an email or being grabbed over the phone, we're able to add a face to it and then add it to our repository."

Versatile across functions

"I think the number one benefit of using a tool like Vouch is its versatility. It's not just for customer testimonials. A sales team could use it to run deal reviews, collect feedback from the team, find out what different enablement material needs to be created. As long as you have a creative mind, it can be used across any function with any business."

I'd 100% recommend Vouch

"I think it's a really versatile tool, and because of that could be used by anyone across any function in a business or any vertical. If you're seeking feedback and you want to humanize it, then I think Vouch is the tool."

The possibilities are endless

"I love Vouch. I think it sits really nicely in any tech stack. And there's so many different ways that it can be used, from collecting feedback from your sales team, doing deal reviews through to getting testimonials from customers. If you can be creative in the way that you use it, the possibilities are endless."

Three ways our customers use Vouch

  1. Testimonials and user feedback

Customers, like Claydan, use Vouch to collect video testimonials or user feedback at scale. Simply add your questions, send the request and capture the authentic voice of your customers. With such an easy process, you can build a diverse library of testimonials relevant to every segment, region and persona you're targeting across the globe. And still have enough budget left for all of your other projects.

  1. Sales enablement

Sales teams use Vouch to capture snappy win/loss reviews, training and coaching videos. Try asking practice questions that cover common objections, set a time limit and let your reps perfect their responses on video. It’ll unlock insights that'll level up your whole sales team. 

  1. Team comms

Vouch helps busy teams collect and share structured updates that keep everyone aligned without *yet another* meeting. Wherever they’re based, whatever their timezone, your team can record when it's convenient for them, and you can watch responses when it's best for you. Calendar clashes are a thing of the past!

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

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Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Head of Content at Vouch

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