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Vouch In The Wild: Best-In-Class Customer Activations

Lauren Thomas

March 16, 2023



We’re constantly inspired by the diverse ways our community uses Vouch to power their sales and marketing workflows. Here are five of our current favorites. 

Airmeet’s recorder embed

The Vouch recorder can be embedded into your website so you can collect videos right there and then. Airmeet used an inline recorder to collect video submissions for their Creator Studio initiative. Creators could get the context they needed by watching the cover video, view the questions and record their response, without ever leaving their website.

Check out our guide on how to add a button or an inline recorder to your website here

"The embed experience is seamless. It makes it so much easier for whoever is answering your questions, and makes the page look that much better."

Atlassian’s blog embed 

Vouch videos can be embedded into blogs to add another engaging dimension to your storytelling. Atlassian are total pros at this. They often use their Vouches to bring their blogs to life, sharing both customer and employee stories.

Atlassian used a dialogue embed in this blog, but there are plenty of display options, so you can get the exact look that you’re after. Check out all of the different styles here.

Devin Reed’s GIF email embed

An animated GIF is a great way to spark interest in your video and encourage your audience to click through to watch it. Leading Content Strategy Advisor Devin Reed used one in his newsletter when promoting Vouch, resulting in a high click through rate to our landing page.

GIFs are a small file size, so won’t weigh your email down, and can be customized. Or you can add a simple button embed to your email to redirect your audience. Check out our guide to both here.

Daniel ‘Mamba’ Odoi’s testimonial embeds

Daniel’s customers had plenty of great things to say about working with him. The Marketing Consultant chose to feature these glowing testimonials front and center on his homepage using multiple inline embeds. Daniel catered for sound off viewers by including Vouch’s automatic captions and added a pull quote beneath the video to boost engagement.

If you want to add customer love to your website, there’s more inspiration in this blog.

Ask Marketing’s social post 

Adding customer testimonials to your web pages is a great way to drive conversions, but they can also fuel your social media channels.

Ask Marketing shares client testimonials on their homepage, and within their social channels to provide compelling social proof. The team downloaded their Vouch video to create this LinkedIn post, where they were able to tag their client directly and start a conversation. Check out our download customisation options here.

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