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How Mosh Simplifies UGC Collection With Vouch

Lauren Thomas

August 4, 2022



Men’s health specialists Mosh use Vouch to gather user generated content for their marketing channels. We asked Hamish Staddon, Mosh’s Social Media Marketing Executive, how it had helped streamline their approach.

Vouch helps us easily obtain content

"At Mosh we use Vouch to collect user generated content, which we use in digital advertising, on our website and organic social channels. 

"Previously, a lot of our communication was via email and there'll be a lot of correspondence and long emails, with a long list of instructions and special requirements. There were issues with how we obtained the content afterwards. Some customers struggled to work out how to send the file, and there were issues with video compression and whatnot. 

"When we stumbled across Vouch, it seemed like a good solution for us to easily obtain the content. But even better, provide an easy service, an easy platform that the customer could use to just make that whole process as seamless as possible."

Its ease of use is second to none

"For me, it's just simplicity of use. When I send a Vouch to a customer, I can always feel assured that it's going to have the right instructions, and it's going to make it as easy for them as possible. It's very easy to drop off and lose interest in doing a testimonial, and we have a lot of older customers who aren’t always the most tech literate, so just laying it all out as simply as possible is great. 

"I love that the question pops up on the screen while you're answering it, and they can write down notes to help them answer the question. The simplicity and the ease of use for gathering testimonials and video content at scale is second to none for us."

I’d recommend it to anyone short on time

"I 100% recommend Vouch. If you're looking for an easy-to-use video collecting platform, I can't think of a better option. It's been extremely easy for me to set up campaigns and automate a lot of my processes for collecting content. I'd recommend it to anyone who is a bit short on time, who is trying to collect content at scale and is looking for a platform that's going to hold the customer's hand and make it as simple for them as possible."

Three tips for using Vouch to collect UGC

  1. Guide your customers

Use our Q&A feature to prompt your customers to cover the most important aspects of their experience. If there are certain product features you’d like them to talk about, note it here. UGC requests that are too open-ended can lead to important details being missed. They can also prove a friction point for your user, if they feel unsure what to talk about.

  1. Personalise your request 

An instantly recognisable request for UGC will boost your response rate. Mosh uses Vouch’s Starter plan to customise the platform, adding their branding and logo to their video requests and shares, giving their customers complete confidence in their Vouch experience. Find out more about Starter here.

  1. Amplify their content

User generated content is perfect fuel for your social channels, marketing emails and web pages. Once you’ve collected your UGC with Vouch, your content will be organised in a central library and our sharing options make it easy to amplify your content in your marketing channels. 

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

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Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Head of Content at Vouch

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