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Vouch Hacks For Marketers: Deeper Insights and Seamless Integrations

Capturing amazing video isn’t the only job on a marketers to-do list. Far from it. They’re also on the hook for growing leads, driving conversion and constantly, magically, bringing the cost of acquisition down. 

But innovation thrives under pressure, and our community of marketers have found a number of ingenious ways to use Vouch to streamline their workflows. If you’re already creating marketing videos with Vouch, here are some hacks to make your life easier, and marketing strategies more effective. 

Grow your lead pool with deeper understanding of your customers

Capturing demand in your CRM and converting it into leads is a high priority for B2B marketers. Typically, it involves sending prospects to a form to enter their details, which creates a new lead record for you to qualify, nurture and convert. 

By adding a Vouch video request to your website, you can fast-track this process. Once an enquiry has been captured on video, a new lead record is automatically created in your CRM. This includes the raw file and a handy transcription. Valuable context when it comes to qualifying and converting.

The same applies for existing leads. When they send you feedback via video, it’s automatically added to their record in your CRM. With this extra knowledge, you can kick-start the process of reviewing and follow-ups with more strategic automation flows. 

Zapier and HubSpot are our community’s favorite integrations for this. Check out the step-by-step guides here.

Drive conversions with perfectly placed nurture videos 

As your prospect moves through the conversion funnel, serving the right videos, at the right time, is incredibly powerful.

With Vouch, you can free up your sales outreach and remarketing spend by creating short demos, or customer stories. Then when your prospect takes an action, like downloading a resource or completing a trial, they’re automatically shared. 

Your marketing stack already has sophisticated capabilities to track your prospect’s behavior. Adding automated, targeted videos maximizes its potential and supercharges your conversion and nurture flows.

Automate an always on request for customer video 

Collecting and analyzing social proof is time-consuming and as marketers, time is never something we have enough of. Thankfully, automation can help lessen the load.

Vouch video requests can be embedded in your always-on customer comms. In HubSpot for example, a CTA button can be dropped directly into an email, which links straight to a Vouch recorder with your questions preloaded. Once recorded, the videos and transcriptions are automatically added to their HubSpot customer profile, ready for analysis and sharing. 

Take it a step further and use key terms mentioned in their transcripts, like ‘pricing’ or ‘demo’, to automate next actions or marketing comms.

If you want to move even faster, use one of Vouch’s question templates. They include the most popular questions used by marketers on our platform. 

Create segmentation with added depth 

The more you can divide your customers into segments, the better you can serve them with relevant content that suits their needs and awareness stage. To create these segments, our marketing community uses data from their customer’s Vouch video interactions, or responses.

Users who have watched a video testimonial on a particular feature, or customers who have submitted video feedback, can be picked up in your CRM filters. From there, they can be automatically added to a list or drip campaign that suits their needs or awareness stage. 

Setting up the filters is straightforward, particularly if you’re on HubSpot (and totally doable via Zapier for anyone else). 

Video data for tight targeting, better ad spend 

Efficient ad spend is high on every marketer’s priority list. It’s likely you already know that custom audiences typically perform better than generalized audiences (since you can tightly target relevant content to the end user) but you might not know that you can create them with Vouch.

Use the customer insights you gain through Vouch video data, to build custom audiences. For example, you may have three use case videos. Pinpointing engaged visitors who watched a particular video allows you to channel them into a custom audience for retargeting and share ad content that specifically talks to their stage of the journey. 

Insight from your Vouch videos can directly flow into your Facebook, Google, Adroll, TikTok or other audiences, for a seamless set up. 

Setting up these marketing automation and integrations will save you time and money in the long run, and make sure you marketing efforts are maximized.

We have a host of articles on how to do this with Zapier, Integrately or HubSpot in our help center, but if you need specific guidance on getting set-up, get in touch and we can get you sorted.

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