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Recruiting For Startup, 5 Essential Tips For 2024.

Gary Zurnamer

February 9, 2024



Startups and scale-ups face unique challenges when it comes to recruiting. Often, startups don't have the brand awareness or the same resources as larger, more established companies.

Add to this that the average cost per hire is $4,700 and can take 36 to 42 days (source) to fill the average position in the United States; there are also the traditional recruitment strategy challenges startups face.

It's not all uphill because, as a startup, you also have advantages that we'll dive into, and you can use modern tools like Vouch video and social media to build your employer brand and become an employer of choice for top talent, all while reducing your cost per hire.

Key Takeaways

  • Creating a compelling employer brand is crucial for attracting top talent.
  • Startups need to showcase their unique company culture to draw in top candidates.
  • Defining candidate personas and an employee value proposition helps in hiring the right individuals.
  • Building a talent pipeline through recruitment marketing and candidate engagement is essential.
  • Staying updated on the latest trends and tactics is necessary for successful startup recruiting.

TIP 1. Create a Compelling Employer Brand

When it comes to attracting top talent, your startup needs to establish a compelling employer brand that goes well beyond just a catchy logo or tagline. It's about creating a feeling or vibe around your startup.

At the core, your employer brand starts with sharing your startup's mission, employee experiences, and core values - using social media platforms and using the most engaging media, which today is Video

Your employer brand is all of the reasons a highly talented person would be attracted to your company over a more established competitor.

If you still need to start working on your employer brand, this guide will make it easy!

Furthermore, consider building an "internal employer branding team" - perhaps with a combination of different people and skills from within your startup. This team can then shape and promote your startup's brand and values, both internally and externally.

Why does your employer brand matter?

Your employer brand is often the first impression candidates have of your company. You need to make it count.

The beauty of your employer brand is that you can turn your current employees into advocates to promote on social media to attract the ideal talent. 

By sharing employee spotlights, behind-the-scenes stories, and engaging content, startups can give candidates a glimpse into what it's like to work for the company. This creates a sense of authenticity and helps candidates determine if they align with your startup's values.

TIP 2. Showcase Your Company Culture

In 2024, your workplace culture is everything. Here's a neat Workplace Culture Guide for an in-depth dive, summarized below.

When it comes to attracting top talent, your fresh and unique startup culture can be a major draw for job seekers. Startups have the advantage of creating a unique and dynamic work environment that is often appealing to individuals seeking something different from the traditional corporate setting and four walls. 

In order to showcase your company culture effectively, it's important to highlight the core values and principles that drive your startup's mission.

What other company culture aspects matter in a startup?

In a startup, the sense of empowerment can be a huge motivator for people who thrive in collaborative and innovative environments. Let's look at the other factors you should consider highlighting.

1) Flat(ter) hierarchy: One aspect of startup culture that can be particularly enticing is a flat hierarchy. Unlike more established companies, startups often operate with a flatter organizational structure, where employees have the opportunity to contribute directly to the company's growth and decision-making process. 

2) More flexibility: Another characteristic that can set startup culture apart is that startups are known for their agility and adaptability, allowing employees to have more control over their work schedule and location. This flexibility can be especially appealing to those seeking a better work-life balance or the freedom to work remotely.

3) Faster growth opportunities: One of the most appealing aspects of joining a startup is the potential for growth and advancement. Startups often provide unique opportunities for employees to take on new challenges, develop new skills, and rapidly advance their careers. By showcasing the various growth opportunities available within your startup, you can attract ambitious individuals who are eager to make a significant impact in their professional journey.

To give potential candidates a better understanding of your startup's culture while building employee advocacy, share examples of success stories and employee achievements through Video and social media. 

TIP 3. Know Your Ideal Employees

When it comes to recruiting for startups, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of the ideal candidate for each role. Creating candidate personas can help you determine the specific skill requirements, experience level, and other factors necessary for success in the position.

An important aspect of attracting the right candidates is defining your employee value proposition (EVP). Your EVP is what sets your startup apart from other employers and showcases what your company has to offer candidates.

To make your startup stand out from the competition, it's essential to craft clear and comprehensive job descriptions. These descriptions should go beyond outlining responsibilities and include perks, benefits, and compensation - and also be easy to read and remember. 

What about diversity and inclusion?

In startups and all companies, prioritizing diversity and inclusion is essential in 2024. Building a diverse team can drive innovation, creativity, and overall business success. Incorporating inclusive language in your job descriptions and ensuring inclusivity throughout the hiring process can help attract a diverse pool of candidates.

By knowing who you are looking for, crafting a compelling employee value proposition, writing clear job descriptions, and prioritizing diversity and inclusion, you can attract top talent that aligns with your startup's mission and values.

TIP 4. Build your Talent Pipeline

As a startup, it is crucial to focus on building a talent pipeline that offers a remarkable candidate experience. By creating an effective recruitment marketing strategy, you can effectively showcase your company's employer brand across multiple platforms.

To attract top candidates, ensure that your career page is fast, featuring compelling content and highlighting your startup's unique attributes. Leverage the power of social media recruitment to expand your reach and engage with potential candidates.

Employee spotlights and company culture videos can also play a significant role in attracting candidates who align with your startup's goals and values. By showcasing your talented team and providing insights into your work environment, you can create a sense of excitement and curiosity among potential candidates.

What about digital marketing in recruitment?

In 2015, Pew Research reported that 90% of Americans did job research online. In 2024, it's not unreasonable to think that this is now 99% of job seekers who use the internet to find open positions.

Expanding your talent pool is also the best way to find qualified candidates for your company's open positions, which is what will enviably help your company grow now - and well into the future.  

That's where recruitment digital marketing tactics come in. Today, digital marketing and leveraging content marketing tools like Vouch video can help you attract top talent locally and potential employees anywhere in the world.

You can find a more in-depth guide here: Recruitment Digital Marketing: 5 Strategies That Work

TIP 5. Engaging Candidates at Every Stage

Once candidates express interest in your opportunities, it is crucial to focus on candidate engagement throughout all stages of the hiring process. Make sure every interaction with candidates is personalized, informative, and designed to keep them engaged in your startup's journey.

Reply promptly to inquiries, provide clear and transparent communication about the application process, and address any concerns or questions promptly. This approach not only enhances the candidate experience but also reflects positively on your startup's culture and values.

Here are some key steps:

  1. Create a seamless and user-friendly application process that allows candidates to easily apply for positions and track their progress.
  2. Regularly update candidates on the status of their application, keeping them informed and engaged.
  3. Provide meaningful feedback to candidates, even if they are not selected for a particular role. This shows your commitment to candidate development, which values their time and effort.

Remember, every interaction with a candidate is an opportunity to showcase your startup's unique culture and values - and remember to always focus on your employer brand

With these tips, your startup can attract top talent and ensure a positive experience throughout the recruitment process, helping you become an employer of choice, no matter how big or small your startup is.


What is the importance of creating a compelling employer brand for startups?

Creating a compelling employer brand is crucial for startups to attract top talent and showcase their mission, goals, and core values.

How can startups showcase their unique company culture?

Startups can highlight their unique company culture by promoting their flat hierarchy, flexibility, and exciting growth opportunities.

Why is it important for startups to define candidate personas?

Defining candidate personas helps startups determine the ideal candidate's skill requirements, experience level, and other factors.

What is the significance of an employee value proposition (EVP) for startups?

An employee value proposition helps startups attract the right candidates by showcasing what the company has to offer.

How can startups build a talent pipeline?

Startups can build a talent pipeline by creating a recruitment marketing strategy, utilizing social media, and providing a memorable candidate experience.


Recruiting for startups in 2024 requires a highly strategic approach. By creating a compelling employer brand, you can differentiate your startup from the competition and attract candidates who align with your startup's vision.

Showcasing a strong company culture is another vital aspect of startup recruitment. Highlight your unique work environment, growth opportunities, and company values using tools like Video and social media. 

Tools like Vouch also make recruiting for startups remarkably easy, helping you create video content that captures authentic employer reviews and employee experiences. 

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