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How to Capture Voice of the Customer on Video

Ian Cook

July 20, 2023



If a business wants to understand and meet the needs of their customer, tuning into the voice of their customer is the best place to start. 

Video is emerging as one of the most effective tools for capturing VOC, whether that’s recorded 1:1 conversations, or async video interviews using a platform like Vouch.

Jeff Ernst is Founder and CEO of SlapFive, a Customer Marketing Software platform for driving Customer-Led Growth. He was one of the experts we interviewed for our guide How to Capture the Voice of your Customer with Video

Here he shares his advice on capturing customer voice, including:

- How to get more of your customers to share (by avoiding a common pitfall)

- The most impactful moments to ask for feedback

- How to get started today 

If you want your customers to share, you have to totally rethink what you're asking

Forget about asking them for testimonials, endorsements or recommendations, because there's nothing in it for the customer. Oftentimes they have handcuffs by their PR or legal terms teams where they cannot share testimonials, recommendations or endorsements. 

Instead, present your customers with opportunities for them to showcase their knowledge, experience and advice. Everybody loves to share their knowledge because it makes them feel smart. They love to share their experiences because it makes them feel successful. And they love to share their advice because it makes them feel heard. 

Strike while the iron is hot

I use async video to capture a customer's voice all the time, and it goes very well. That’s because I'm not trying to use it to replace a classic case study interview where you ask them 10 or 12 questions. And I'm not only doing it when a customer has reached that magical status when they’ve been with us long enough (and are successful enough) to do a case study

Instead, I think about those magical moments in the customer experience. 

One of them is right after they've signed on as a new customer. Ask them one question like, “How did you go about evaluating and comparing solutions?” That’s great customer insight to capture while it's fresh in mind. And then maybe while they've right as they're finished their onboarding, ask them a question about how the onboarding went. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

Get strategic with the questions you ask, to capture insights that’ll drive customer led growth

If you're looking to grow by going from the SMB market into the enterprise market, capture the experiences of a couple of customers that are in that enterprise market. Customers who trusted that you are enterprise ready. Have them talk about what it's like to work with you at a company their size. Also, ask them a question about how they overcame concerns that maybe your company is perceived as more of an SMB vendor? 

Customer voice content is the fuel that drives customer led growth.

Present your customers with opportunities for them to showcase their knowledge, experience and advice. Everybody loves to share their knowledge.

Get started with tapping into the voice of the customer, don't overthink it

Don't try to build this grand strategy and the most sophisticated ways of approaching them. Just identify a couple of customers who you already have a good relationship with. Test it out. But remember, there has to be something in it for the customer in terms of the way you phrase the question. Make sure it's something that allows them to demonstrate their thought leadership that allows them to build their credibility and to build their reputation.

For more expert tips on How to Capture the Voice of your Customer with Video, check out our free guide. As well as Leslie, there’s advice from Customer Advocacy experts like Ari Hoffman as well as marketing thought leaders like Devin Reed and Katelyn Bourgoin. Plus question and email templates you can steal to get your VoC program up and running sooner. 

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