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How Marketers Can Use Voice of The Customer In Content Strategy

Aligning your brand's voice with the voice of the customer is the fastest way to build trust and credibility. But first, you actually have to listen to your customers.

Jess Cook, Head of Content at Lasso, is an expert when it comes to building an effective, customer-centric marketing strategy. We asked how she uses the voice of the customer in her marketing efforts - and naturally we used Vouch to do it!

How does the voice of the customer fuel your content strategy?

Having a handle on the voice of your customer really helps you understand what your customers care about, worry about and work through every single day. Those should be the same things that your brand cares about, worries about and helps your customers work through every single day. Using their language and understanding the voice of the customer is the fastest way to build credibility and trust. 

What's your favourite tactic for using the voice of the customer?

I really like to ask customers: ‘How would you describe us to someone else in your position?’ Then I take their description, use it verbatim and test it on the home page. I've had really huge success with this. Twice I was able to increase visits to the ‘book a demo’ page by 40% using this tactic, so it’s a really good one to try!

Five ways to repurpose great customer insights

Jess’s favourite ways to use customer insights throughout her marketing workflow:

  1. Use them as social media clips to build credibility and show our audience that we genuinely know them. 
  2. Use them to help us come up with new narratives, angles or points of view. 
  3. Embed them in blog posts to build some humanity into long-form written content. 
  4. Help inform questions for podcast guests. 
  5. Test them on high traffic web pages.

Why Jess uses Vouch

  1. Your customers can answer your questions async via short video clips. Social proof and insights you can instantly use as content - win win! 
  1. You can stitch together multiple answers from a single question into a single video. And what’s better than a kickass video medley?
  1. Vouch allows you to sprinkle the voice of the customer around like confetti. You can embed them in emails, host collections on a landing page and instantly resize them for social. 

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