Jump-start your hiring with video

Take the legwork out of screening candidates. With Vouch, you can set questions, share to many with a single link and review candidate responses in your own time.

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Save hours on CV reviews

If you’re hiring across different time zones, let Vouch work for you 24/7. Collect video responses from talent around the world, view them in minutes and create a short-list ready for the next round.

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Move candidates through faster

Good talent moves on if you don't move fast. Vouch's Q&A platform delivers just the information you need to know so you can make quick, informed decisions.

Experience Vouch for Recruitment

Create a quick test video to see what it's like to record with Vouch

Experience Vouch for Recuritment

Create a quick test video to see what it's like to record with Vouch

Integrations that bring the hiring team together

Automatically share candidate videos with the people that matter. Vouch connects with your favourite tools so you can collaborate effortlessly and secure the perfect hire every time.

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An experience your candidates will love

Vouch helps candidates deliver focused video responses to your questions. With recording tips, speaker notes and the opportunity to re-do takes, it's easy for candidates to show their strengths.

Stay on brand from application to offer

Showcase your employer brand with our easy customisation options. Add your logo, brand colours and styling in minutes.

Available on the Starter plan.

Work is personal again

Communicate in context with short, authentic video, right from your workflow.

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