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9 Highly Inspirational Recruiting Quotes

Ian Cook

April 15, 2024



Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals face numerous challenges in finding and hiring the right candidates amidst skills scarcity, and sometimes, a little "pick me up" is needed beyond the 6th expresso or latte.

Below are 11 quotes from industry experts to motivate you and keep the application reviews going. 

Quotes On The Importance Of Hiring And Interviewing

When it comes to hiring and interviewing, a lot of industry experts have shared their wisdom over the years. Below are our favourite quotes when you need a little inspiration during an interview.

"Never forget that behind every resume is a person who deserves respect and consideration throughout the hiring process." - Jeff Moore, VP of Talent Acquisition at Toast.
"Recruiting allows you to have an impact not just on the organization, but on the lives of the people who join it." - Steve Jobs.
"The quality of your candidate pool is a direct reflection of the quality of your hiring process." - John Vlastelica, CEO and Founder of Recruiting Toolbox.

These quotes serve as a reminder of the importance of building a hiring process that prioritizes the quality of candidates, respects their human element, and acknowledges the impact of recruiting on organizational success. 

Quotes On Candidate Experience And Diversity

Creating a positive candidate experience and prioritizing diversity in hiring are key aspects of effective talent acquisition. Drawing inspiration from industry experts, these powerful quotes can help you keep your day moving.

"Emphasize the importance of empathizing with candidates to create an enticing process." Andrew MacAskill
"Organizations have a responsibility to provide work and opportunities for all, regardless of background." Joanne Lockwood
"Build relationships with candidates and entice them to respond." Stacy Donovan Zapar

These quotes serve as a reminder to prioritize candidate experience and diversity in hiring, ensuring that the hiring process is inclusive, engaging, and respectful for all candidates.

Quotes on Learning, Transformation, and Empowerment

When it comes to recruiting, the journey doesn't end with finding suitable candidates. It's essential to foster an environment of continuous learning, transformation, and empowerment. These quotes from industry leaders are excellent reminders of the vital role recruiters play in creating positive change:

"Allowing teams to learn and grow is key to success. As recruiters, we have the power to enable personal and professional development, which ultimately leads to individual and organizational growth." Kelly Jones, CPO at Cisco
"Seek candidates who want to change the world. By finding those who are passionate about making a difference, we can create a workforce that is driven to achieve remarkable things." Marc Benioff, CEO and Founder of Salesforce
"Recruiters bring an incredible level of empowerment and value to the table. By nurturing talent, we not only shape the future of individuals but also contribute to the success of organizations." Anne Carrigan, Talent Acquisition Director at Microsoft

These quotes serve as a powerful motivator for highlighting the importance of continuous learning, facilitating transformation, and the fact that recruiters can genuinely make a difference in the lives of individuals and the success of their organizations.


Recruitment is a challenging field that is evolving at a rapid pace. Hopefully, these top recruiting quotes can provide the inspiration needed to overcome obstacles and excel in talent acquisition.

As a recruiter, you can make a significant impact on your organization and the lives of candidates you interact with. And sometimes, in the chaos of it all, there needs to be a moment to stop and remember the impact you have.

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