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Effective Manufacturing Recruitment, Top Tips for 2024

Ian Cook

March 1, 2024



In today's dynamic business landscape, securing the right talent is pivotal for any business, particularly in the manufacturing sector.  

As the industry continually evolves and automates, encountering fresh challenges, adopting a strategic approach to recruitment becomes paramount to attracting the most suitable candidates who can adapt to change and help your company push forward.

In the first steps, screening candidates with modern tools like Vouch video can help you streamline your recruitment process and ensure your candidates are adaptable to core technologies like video.

Let's dive in with more manufacturing recruitment tips for 2024.

How Do You Define the Ideal Candidate Profile? 

Before delving into recruitment strategies, defining the ideal candidate profile remains a fundamental step for manufacturing companies. 

Pinpointing the skills, experience, and personality required streamlines the recruitment process, so you only target candidates with the qualifications you need.

If you are yet to build personas for your ideal candidates, here are the Top 5 Candidate Persona Fields to Look For.

How Do You Maximize Your Applications For Manufacturing Positions?

For most manufacturing companies, there are very few work-from-home jobs - usually only those in sales or marketing. So, to reach the widest pool of local candidates, harnessing online job boards for active candidates and local social media for both active and passive candidates is imperative for attracting manufacturing talent.  

Leveraging platforms like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn allows companies to broadcast their manufacturing job opportunities to a wide-ranging audience actively seeking employment.

However, to promote the right awareness for your positions, consider supplementing online job boards with social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to enhance visibility within the manufacturing industry. 

Crafting engaging content and sharing industry-related insights captivates active and passive job seekers (those already employed), potentially drawing them towards new opportunities and a better cultural match in your company.

For further insights, here are 5 Digital Marketing Strategies That Work.


Should You Work with Specialized Manufacturing Recruitment Agencies? 

In niche industries like manufacturing, partnering with recruitment service providers and specialized manufacturing recruiters can be invaluable in the hiring process. While costly for good agencies, they do possess extensive candidate networks and are positioned to not only attract the right candidates but also attract the candidates that will stay longer term, reducing the over cost per hire. 

However, if you have yet to embrace social media and paid advertising like Google Ads for your recruitment, that can often be the best first step. Here is The Ultimate 2024 Recruitment Marketing Guide.

Should You Attend Manufacturing Industry Events or Fairs? 

Manufacturing is a very specialized industry that has been rapidly evolving for the last 10 years. Industry-specific events provide more than future technology insights; they also provide invaluable networking opportunities, especially for leadership roles.

These event platforms facilitate direct interaction with potential candidates, and if you have a booth, it can let you showcase your company culture, work environment, and available job opportunities. Events and fairs nurture real connections that can be taken online with platforms like LinkedIn, and they demonstrate your company's commitment to sourcing the finest manufacturing talent and your employee value propositions.

How Do You Articulate Your Company Culture?

Today, your company's culture stands as a pivotal element for qualified candidates who can (and do) use websites like Glassdoor to read employer reviews and research information like average salaries.  

Providing insights into your work culture could be the deciding factor for many top candidates who are looking for a supportive employer and a good work environment. 

This is where producing videos can really help, and tools like Vouch make it really easy to show your company culture and even interview current employees to get their insights into your company, which you can then share with job listings and more.

If you feel your company needs a workplace culture change, please see our 6 Big Steps To Managing A Workplace Culture Change.

How Do You Develop Your Employer Value Propositions (EVPs) 

Like your workplace culture, crafting a robust employer value proposition underscores the unique benefits and opportunities your organization offers to its employees. 

Emphasizing competitive compensation packages, comprehensive healthcare plans, and avenues for career development resonates strongly with potential candidates. Highlighting work-life balance initiatives further strengthens the organization's appeal, especially in manufacturing, where few companies provide flexible options.

If you are looking to improve your EVPs, please see our guide here: Improve Your Employee Value Propositions (EVP), Expert Tips & Examples.

What About Current Employee Success Stories?

There are few HR and marketing strategies that are more powerful than leveraging employee testimonials and success stories, as they resonate perfectly with potential candidates.

Testimonials from current employees offer a glimpse into the enriching experiences and growth opportunities within your company - and they are authentic. Showcasing success stories of employees flourishing in their manufacturing careers reinforces positive perceptions about the industry and emphasizes the organization's commitment to employee development. 

If you would like to make employee testimonial videos, be sure to see our guide to get started: 25 Brilliant Spotlight Questions for Employees.

Also, book a Vouch demo today. Our platform is made to capture employee testimonials, help you edit them with AI, and help you share them on social media channels, all in one video tool.

Can You Optimize the Recruitment Process for Efficiency? 

Efficient recruitment hinges on streamlining processes and delivering prompt feedback to candidates - especially top talent who may be applying for multiple roles and who may choose their employer based on their care and communications. 

Maintaining communication and providing timely feedback throughout the recruitment journey is critical to keeping candidates informed about their progress while creating a positive first impression.

If you still need to start using video, this can also drastically help your company with your recruitment process. Companies like Nike, Cisco and Amazon use Vouch video for recruitment

If you are looking for further tips on how to streamline your recruitment process, please see 9 Ways To Streamline Your Hiring Journey in 2024.


How Do You Improve Your Onboarding Strategy? 

For HR and recruitment personnel, there is often no downtime. Producing job descriptions, reviewing resumes and interviews, working out personalities and choosing the right candidate - that's all before we touch on managing your current employees. 

Finding the ideal candidates can be exhausting, and that's where HR teams and recruiters can use a little help from the latest software tools.

If you are struggling to keep up with your recruitment workload, we think you'll find some great tips here: Streamline Your Recruitment Process.


Closing The Loop, Encouraging Employee Feedback

When it comes to employee motivation and improving your workplace culture, little beats gathering ongoing feedback from employees. 

Encouraging collaboration among new and existing employees fosters a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing. Seeking regular feedback from new hires aids in refining the onboarding process, demonstrating the organization's commitment to employee success.

To get started with gathering feedback from your employees, be sure to see our Spotlight Questions for Employees Guide. 


Why is recruiting top talent essential in the manufacturing industry? 

Securing skilled professionals is vital for driving growth and success within any organization, including manufacturing companies. 

How do candidate personas benefit manufacturing recruitment?

Defining specific skills, experiences, and traits helps in targeting candidates who best fit organizational needs, streamlining the recruitment process effectively.

What strategies attract skilled manufacturing professionals? 

Leveraging multiple recruitment channels, including online job boards, social media, and specialized agencies, and engaging in recruitment events broadens access to skilled talent.

How can your company culture attract manufacturing talent? 

Your company culture is key to attracting top talent as it shows them why they should work for you, not a competitor.

Manufacturing Recruitment Conclusion

Continuous improvement remains the cornerstone of successful manufacturing recruitment strategies. Adapting to an evolving industry, nurturing existing talent through upskilling initiatives, and staying abreast of technological advancements define the trajectory towards attracting, retaining, and developing top-notch talent in the manufacturing sector. 

This is also where modern video tools like Vouch can help as an immersive way to interact with employees and gather their feedback. Be sure to book a Vouch demo today if you are looking to improve your manufacturing recruitment process, onboarding and retention strategy.

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