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Construction Recruitment: How To Hire Top Talent In 2024

Ian Cook

June 11, 2024



The construction industry is booming, with increasing infrastructure projects and a growing demand for new housing. 

However, this growth is being hindered by a persistent labor shortage. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, an alarming 88% of construction companies are facing challenges in filling open positions. 

Since there aren't enough workers, construction companies need to stay ahead of competitors. In this guide, we will explore top strategic recruiting tips and best practices for securing and retaining top talent in the building industry.

Key Highlights

  • 88% of U.S. construction companies report difficulty filling open positions.
  • Construction companies must focus on newer strategies like employer branding to stand out from competitors.
  • Professional development and perks are becoming more important for employee retention.
  • Modern video tools like Vouch can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How Do You Identify Top Construction Talent?

In 2024, securing the best workers is essential for HR teams and the success of construction teams and their projects.

As speed to hire is of the essence in construction, being able to identify the qualities of top construction talent quickly is key. Here are some essential qualities to identify early on:

Experience and expertise

Top construction personnel possess the experience and knowledge to handle complex projects (and clients) under pressure.

A "can do" work ethic 

Top construction personnel are known for their strong work ethic, demonstrating dedication, punctuality, and commitment to meeting the tightest of project deadlines.

A true team player 

Great construction workers excel in team environments, effectively collaborating with colleagues, subcontractors, project managers, and even clients to achieve project goals.

Proven adaptability

Construction projects often face unexpected challenges, and top talent is adaptable and resourceful in finding solutions and navigating obstacles. 

How Do You Attract Top Construction Talent?

Competitive compensation plays a crucial role in attracting top construction workers. The job requires steadfast commitment and concentration at all times, so construction companies need to offer competitive salaries and benefits that align with industry standards. 

Here's what you need to consider: 

A culture of safety and growth

To attract and retain the best building workers, you must build a strong employer brand that promotes your culture of safety and growth. A good company culture encourages employees to be engaged and happy with their jobs, meaning they stay loyal and are not poached by another construction company.

Job training and career development 

Setting up clear job paths within the company can encourage construction workers to stay long-term. Outline possible ways for workers to advance in their careers. Giving employees chances to learn new skills and advance in their careers shows that you care about their growth. 

Excellent base salary and benefits

To attract the best applicants, you need to offer a great base salary. Find salary benchmarks and make sure you are in line with leading market rates. Leading U.S. companies are known to go above and beyond to attract the best workers. They offer health insurance, retirement plans, and even additional paid time off when projects are complete. 

Performance-based bonuses and incentives to reward and encourage the best workers, showing your appreciation for every project's success.

Provide The best safety standards

In 2024, safety standards are a given. However, you still need to promote safety as part of your company culture, as it can help you attract talent not only from construction but also from other industries like mining and the services like the military and police who may be looking for a career change. By promoting your safety first policies, you can also attract talent like new mums and dads who are looking to minimise risks at work.

What Technology Can Help Your Recruitment Efforts?

Leveraging technology is an integral part of recruiting top construction talent. Here are some ways construction companies can use technology to streamline their recruitment efforts:

  • Leverage social media: Use top social media, such as LinkedIn, to share job openings and success stories and build your employer brand. 
  • Simple job descriptions: To attract more applicants, try simplifying your job descriptions so they are easy to read and respond to. All too often, complex job descriptions make the company look complex to work with, and in construction that can be a red flag.
  • Technology in recruitment: Leverage ATS systems and artificial intelligence (A.I.) and automation tools to enhance recruitment efforts. A.I. can help screen resumes, identify qualified candidates, and streamline the initial screening process.
  • Video recruitment tools like Vouch can also help you hire top talent in less time. Be sure to book a demo today to see how it can help your H.R. team!

Should You Engage Passive Candidates Too?

Absolutely! Some of the best construction personnel are already employed and looking for a company that better aligns with their needs and beliefs. Here's how you attract passive candidates:

Always be building relationships

Spend time getting to know passive potential candidates by networking, attending events in your field, and connecting with them on professional social media sites.

Personalize your messaging

Tailor your messaging to each talented candidate is extremely important in 2024. Here's a great article on content personalization.

Showcase your company culture

Emphasize your company's unique culture, projects, and growth opportunities to pique the interest of passive candidates.

Publicly show your incentives

Many companies like to hide their incentives. If you do hide them, try posting about them on social media instead to see the reaction. 

Ask your current employees for help 

Setting up an employee referral program to get workers to recommend qualified candidates is a great way to grow your talent pool with a potentially untapped market of skilled construction workers. 

Should You Streamline Your Application Process?

Yes, this is vital. 72% of people looking for work have had a bad interview experience, and to avoid this, you should try to simplify applying and being interviewed.

Streamlining the application and interview process can also help you lower costs, improve the candidate experience, and speed up the hiring process. 

Tools like Vouch can help significantly, so be sure to book a demo to see how Vouch helps H.R. people in all kinds of industries speed up their recruitment processes.


What makes a candidate' top talent' in construction?

People at the top of their field in construction have exceptional skills, knowledge, and work ethic. They have the skills and abilities to do a great job in their jobs, which is in line with the company's goals and shows that they are dedicated to their career growth.

How can small construction firms compete in recruiting top construction talent?

Small construction companies can compete by focusing on what they do best and giving competitive pay packages when recruiting top construction talent. They can also build a strong employer brand, show the specific skills their projects need, and use targeted hiring methods to get the best people.

How important are testimonials for construction recruiting?

In this field, reputation and past work are significant for getting clients and jobs, which also goes for hiring the best people. Testimonials (especially video testimonials) help job seekers understand your company culture, work setting, management style, and more.


Finding the best people to work for your construction business can be daunting. In addition to trusting your gut about potential employees through your employer brand and social media, you should also consider offering perks and incentives like end-of-project bonuses and career growth opportunities.

Leveraging your current employees is also vital, and this is where video tools like Vouch also come in super handy. 

Like to try Vouch?

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