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8 Unexpected Ways to Leverage Video in Your Business

We’ve all got a stack of tasks on our to-do list, even before we add content creation into the picture. You’ve probably heard the stats about the power of video content in business all before.

But video content doesn’t need to be another mammoth project. With the right tools to create authentic video content at scale, you can quickly and easily leverage video across everything from recruitment to customer success and beyond.

We’ve been blown away by the creative ways our customers have used Vouch to close deals, boost event attendance and even speed up their hiring process. To give you a leg up, we’ve pulled together a wrap up of eight unexpected ways you can leverage video content in your business.

1. Harness video content as social proof

We’re hardwired to connect with people, not names on a testimonial slide. Glowing reviews are great, but an authentic video testimonial letting your happy customer speak in their own voice is even better.

If you’ve already got a stack of testimonials or reviews on your website, this is a perfect opportunity to add video content into the mix. Replacing written social proof with engaging video testimonials instantly adds extra credibility to the offer, service or product you’re promoting.

A great place to start is by adding video content to your old case studies. Then you can look for other opportunities to use video as social proof in your sales process, onboarding flow and even customer engagement programs.

One example we love is Atrium, a Vouch customer. They’ve started adding video testimonials to their customer love page - for example, you can ‘Hear from Mike’, ‘Hear from Jamie’, and more just by clicking on the blue CTA button. It brings their original text-based customer testimonials page to life in a simple and authentic way.

2. Use video testimonials in your businesses’ advertising

Branded assets are a good starting point for advertising, but nothing convinces and converts like authentic video testimonials.

With the right video collection tool in place, it doesn’t have to be a hassle to create video testimonials either.

According to Wyzowl, two-thirds of customers say they’re more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video showing how a product or service has helped someone like them.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to shift your advertising to user-generated content and build video testimonials into your advertising strategy.

3. Inject video into your businesses’ blog content

All of us learn in totally different ways. So, you want to give your customers a stack of ways to engage with your content, learn more about your business and how you can help.

We’ve seen a bunch of forward-thinking content teams add video right across their content, especially blog posts.

The Go1 team have embedded helpful explainer videos into their product-focused blogs to help customers understand their product offering for e-learning, such as this blog with video tutorials on providing leading mental health and wellbeing education.  

4. Boost event attendance with video content

Nothing can capture the energy of an event like authentic video content. A growing number of businesses have been using video to their advantage to drive interest, sign ups and engagement in the lead up (and even during) events.

We’ve seen Culture Amp’s brand experience team nail their annual event Culture First with the help of video content across all their channels. From their sales landing page to daily event wrap ups on social media, video was key to boosting attendance and bringing the event to life throughout this three-day virtual conference.

5. Gather feedback and customer insights from video content

Surveys and questionnaires can only give you a snippet of what your customers think about your business. But running 1:1 customer insight calls isn’t feasible to do at-scale.

Instead, we’ve had lots of Vouch customers share feedback about how they use the product, what they’d like to see next and any challenges they’re having with it through video-based user research.

In a couple of minutes, we’ve scored the same level of insights we would have gathered from hour-long customer calls. We love this one from Mary, Product Marketing Lead at Atlassian, who gives us product feedback on Vouch. Her product feedback led to a whole new video recording experience from us, which has elevated our metrics across the board:

6. Deliver customer support using video content

The more complex your product is (or the bigger your user base) the more important your FAQs and help centres become.

By adding video explainers to these help articles, you can give clearer answers to your most popular questions and keep users engaged with your product.

We’ve also seen video content used as a way to bring a personal, high impact experience for users during onboarding or when navigating new product features. A quick authentic video is all it takes to drive greater results in product metrics for many businesses.

7. Jump-start your hiring process with video interviews

Asynchronous video interviewing is perfect for screening applicants remotely and fast-tracking the talent selection process, too.

With on-demand video recordings, all stakeholders can be involved in the hiring process (without the need to all be in the interview room) to make better, faster decisions together.

Hugo are a great example - a Californian based tech start up who are using video interviewing to scale their sales team, among other uses:

8. Educate your customers about your product with video content

If your product comes with a bit of a learning curve, video content can take the place of length how-to guides and process manuals.

Short, bite-sized videos that answer key questions or topics can speed up the journey from new customers to power users at scale.

9. Bring your employer brand to life with recruiting videos and employee-focused content

Video is a great way to demonstrate your employer brand and create a rich employee experience, no matter where your recruits are based. You can showcase your culture on your website and on social media with videos from your existing talent, welcome new employees remotely and allow them to introduce themselves with video answers to a set of questions. Here’s a great example of some of our employees who recently joined team Vouch!

Tap into the power of compelling video content with Vouch

We’ve seen plenty of customers leverage video content in powerful and unique ways with Vouch. Our easy, flexible Q&A format means you can collect, manage and share short-form videos right across your business.

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