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6 Ways To Increase Sales Velocity With Video

Gary Zurnamer

March 17, 2023



Used effectively, video can accelerate sales velocity and secure more revenue for your company.  For prospects, it’s an engaging way to quickly learn about your business. For sellers, it provides a faster way to build personal connections at scale and crucially, close more deals.

Yet, video is still underused by the majority of sales teams. While video prospecting has increased, few teams are using video to its full potential throughout the sale cycle. 

Here are six video strategies we’ve seen increase sales velocity:

  1. Personalize prospecting by adding a face to the name and stand out amongst the clutter.
  2. Make meetings purposeful by recording pre and post videos that provide further context.
  3. Handle objections with personal videos that put a prospect's mind at ease.
  4. Share a video testimonial to build trust and close the deal.
  5. Integrate sales enablement within your workflow to continuously improve performance.
  6. Land and expand. Level up customer success to win bigger and better deals with a business.

Keep reading for our tips on how to create these videos, and move your prospects to the next stage of the sales cycle.

1. Personalize prospecting

Any sales rep that’s done their fair share of cold calling knows it’s hard to stand out. Video prospecting has gained popularity because it's an engaging way to connect with prospects in a way that feels inherently authentic and trustworthy. Because whether you’re reaching out cold, or responding to an inbound lead, a video is hard to ignore and puts a face to the name.

Our tips:

  • Videos are only as authentic and engaging as you are. Be warm, friendly, and respect your prospects' time by keeping your video concise.
  • Include captions to boost accessibility. Remember they could be watching in a busy office or on the commute. Vouch adds transcriptions automatically.
  • Make it personal. Include your prospect’s name in your video. It proves that you're not sending out a mass video to a list of contacts, and you took the time to record a video just for them.
  • Add 'video' in your message subject line.  It increases open rates from 7% to 13%. For best practice, try to include the word ‘video’ plus two levels of personalisation. For example: ‘[Name], I created this video for you about your [job/problem/project]’.
  • Maximize clicks through to your video by displaying it in an engaging way. At Vouch, we love a GIF email embed. The animation is eye-catching and encourages prospects to click to watch on a customisable webpage so won’t weigh your email down. 

2. Make meetings purposeful 

If you want your meetings to be more impactful, use video before and after the main event. 

Before you meet, share a short video introducing yourself. A brief agenda can help warm prospects up and put them at ease. You might even suggest a few questions for them to bring to the session, so when you meet, you can get straight to the points that matter.

Post-meeting, follow up with a feature demo, or any context that could help progress the deal. 83% of people would prefer to learn about a product by watching a video, rather than reading text, and it's a format they can easily refer back to later. 

More impactful meetings, more sales velocity

Our tips:

  • Add the link to your pre-meeting video within the calendar invite. Make it clear that you want to make good use of their time, so have recorded a video that you’d like them to watch before you meet. 
  • Follow up quickly. Don’t let them forget about you and your conversation. Your video doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to progress the deal and a prompt follow up has the best chance of doing that. Particularly while you’re still trying to build trust. 

3. Handle objections at scale 

An authentic, personal video can work wonders for getting a prospect back on side. Via video, you can handle objections with empathy and a level of care that’s difficult to convey with text.

This could be a stage in the cycle where you feel your prospect is cooling off, so need a format that can re-engage them, before quickly and confidently putting their mind at rest. 

Our tips:

  • If a common objection appears time and time again, create a video that can be repurposed. With Vouch, your entire team can have access to the video library you create, helping you share videos with ease. 
  • Get ahead of objections by adding these videos to FAQs on your website, or to nurture email streams at the point you know that objection commonly occurs.
  • There’s huge learning potential in objection handling videos. Get even more value by sharing them with the team and adding them to your training program for new sales reps.

4. Share a video testimonial

A lack of trust can be a common objection that delays your deal. Move past it by using customer advocacy. 

Video testimonials are an incredibly powerful and persuasive asset. Sharing one that’s highly relevant to their circumstance provides more trust than a written testimonial ever could. It might be the deciding factor that gets them over the line. 

In Vouch, sales and marketing teams can collaborate easily. Share customer stories within one central library. 

Our tips:

  • Get specific. Vouch simplifies the process, so you can collect a vast library of customer stories relevant to every customer you are targeting. Arm yourself with a bank of testimonials for every business vertical, size and location. 
  • If you have a number of relevant testimonials for a prospect, combine them into a powerful Playlist they can watch in one go.
  • When collecting your happy customers’ testimonials, consider common concerns. Use your questions to focus your customer on those points and you’ll be building a bank of video assets that’ll accelerate future deals.
  • Don’t just share your video testimonials with your prospects, share them on social media. They’re a fantastic lead magnet. If you’re collecting your customer stories with Vouch, there are auto generated T&Cs that cover sharing permissions. 

"The way people buy has changed. Customers don't want to sit through and read a case study anymore. They'd rather just see a one or two minute quick video" Mark Baskin, Hubspot.

5. Integrate sales enablement

Video can improve communication within your team, as well as with your customers. And as any sales team will know, removing internal friction, increasing alignment and improving knowledge sharing can help your reps spend more time with prospects moving deals forward. 

Deal review videos can boost your enablement efforts. Not only is hitting record a faster way to share wins and losses than crafting a written message, but they’re more engaging for your team to watch.

Our tips:

  • Lighten the load with automated reminders and sharing. With integrations for Slack, Salesforce, Hubspot and more, Vouch fits seamlessly into your existing sales workflow. Reps can be prompted to record a video straight after a meeting, while it’s fresh in their mind. and it can be shared with the team instantly. 

"Vouch really helped us gather all these great win and loss experiences that are happening out in the field" Robby Halford, Heap.

6. Deliver customer success

Superior customer service can help you turn small deals into much bigger ones within the same organization. Because video is so effective in building trust, satisfaction and delivering personalized experiences, it helps accelerate this ‘land and expand’ approach.

Businesses sharing videos with contextual customer support that build rapport are still relatively rare, so there’s huge potential to stand out and make your customer experience memorable.

Our tips:

  • Talking on a video recording is three times faster than typing, so make a rule for yourself. If an email is longer than a couple of paragraphs, send a video. It’ll save both their time and yours, and feel like a more considerate approach. 
  • If you have a deck to share, use video to present it virtually, rather than emailing it over. 
  • If you’re creating mini demos for your customer, share them with your customer success team and repurpose them in your Help Centre so they can be discovered by a broader audience. 

How to increase sales velocity with video

  • Look beyond traditional video prospecting, it can be used to accelerate the entire sales cycle
  • Use it to humanize and personalize communication at every customer touch point
  • Make your videos short, concise and engaging - but don’t worry about them being perfect
  • 4. Collaborate and video share with your marketing and customer success teams. Testimonials and demos can accelerate your sales cycle and power your marketing and CS teams.

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