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Turn Up The Volume: Increase Your Video Response Rates

Lauren Thomas

December 6, 2022



Whether real or imagined, there are a range of barriers which can get in the way of a co-worker, employee or customer recording a video for you. Perhaps they’re busy, need more context, or are thinking of what they want to say. Worse still, they didn’t know you needed one in the first place.

At Vouch, we’re obsessed with solving the challenge of scale. Our features have been designed to remove those recording barriers, make the lives of you (and your respondents) easier and help you build a full library of content.

Keep reading to learn how you can drive greater video volumes, even from those respondents hardwired to dodge the record button. Or check out this webinar clip from Vouch's Enterprise Sales Lead, Ben Sher, who'll take you through his favourite features.

Widen the aperture: get the ask out to more people 

Video collection at scale is particularly powerful for candidate screening, where you really want to see a mix of talent for a given role, user feedback, where the volume helps spot patterns and insights, or for UGC and testimonials, where having a wide range helps your sales and marketing teams deliver relevant examples.

If you want to collect a lot of video you’ll need to share your request widely. Creating a systematic, always-on request can help. Start by identifying your high-frequency customer touch points and insert your Vouch campaign link, QR code, or recorder embed there. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to do that:

Add the link to your templates

Try including a user feedback video request in the footer of all your support team emails, or as a pop-up when a customer logs into their account. 

Use a QR code

If you have physical touch points (like a storefront or event), place a QR code at the front desk, registration stage or check-out. It’s a great way to funnel more traffic through your video request. 

Embed the recorder into your website

Give your customers a way to record high quality video without leaving your site. You can add a button or embed the recorder inline. 

  1. Button embed: adds a simple button to your website which loads the recorder right on the page (in a modal)
  2. Inline embed: adds the video request right in the page 

Use this step-by-step guide to discover how to include either option.

Streamline the collection process

Integrate video collection within your existing workflow. Zapier (and platform specific-integrations) can help connect your HR, Marketing, Sales or Team Comms stack with Vouch. Our most popular integrations include HubSpot, Salesforce Lever, Zendesk, Highspot, and Zapier, but you can check out the full list of integrations here.

Add video requests to your surveys 

Boost response rates by sharing your campaign link every time a customer completes a form, registers for a demo, or provides feedback in a survey. This targets your most engaged customers and over time, the depth of information you receive builds into a rich library of insights and customer advocacy content for your sales, marketing and product teams. You can add video requests to any forms from HubSpot, Google or Typeform. 

Right place, right time: adding targeting to your request  

When your video request is only relevant for particular people, or customers at a specific stage in the journey, you’ll need to combine your ‘always-on’ approach with targeting. 

Here’s how you can get it right:

Connect your request with a specific event 

Ensure your video request is shared at the right moment by linking it to an event in the life cycle. For example:

  • HR: once a candidate has hit the submit button on a CV, or made it onto a shortlist
  • Sales: when a lead downloads a report, completes a demo or attends an event
  • Marketing: following a positive NPS score or survey feedback
  • Product: when a user hits certain milestones (e.g. frequency of logins), uses a specific feature which has just been launched, or stops using the product

Use a high-response channel, like SMS

Sending the request in a more personal, less cluttered, channel can drive higher response rates vs competing for attention in the email inbox. Text messages and even social media channels can work well. Embed the request directly into your feed to maximise reach and responses. 

Sharpen your pitch: asks that get responses

Motivating your respondent with the right message and context can move your request higher up their to-do list. Here are some best practices we’ve gathered from our community: 

Email - zeroing in on the why

Let your client know why you have reached out to them for a testimonial. Perhaps you have chosen them because they have been a client for a long time, or have recently converted from a competitor? Understanding why this testimonial is important, where it might be used and why, could help motivate them.

Checking in with a client first is a great way of increasing the chance of a response to your Vouch request. This could be as simple as a phone call, Slack message, or email. Find is a customizable template that can be adapted as needed here.

Add a cover video

If you’re generating video, chances are, you know it’s so much more engaging than text. Use this same logic when you request your video. A video request is impossible to ignore and allows you to add context for a more persuasive ask. By essentially ‘going first’, it also helps normalize the medium for the camera shy.

Save time by creating a default cover video in the brand and appearance settings, or create a personalized one for each Vouch request as you set it up. Learn more about cover videos here.

Customize with your brand

When your video seamlessly connects to all your other communications, there’s less due diligence and warm-up for the respondent. Customers that include custom branding on the Vouch Recorder enjoy a 23% better conversion rate. Book a demo to find out more

Master the follow up: remind your respondents 

Automatic reminders

Minimise the risk of having your video request forgotten by using Vouch’s automatic reminders. They’ll schedule email prompts every couple of days, until your video has been recorded. Reminders are set as standard, so toggle them off if you’d rather not use them.

improve video response rates

Query parameters

When you’re collecting Vouches, adding ‘query parameters’ can help streamline the process for your customers, and give you some very helpful data to follow up with those who are part-way through the process. 

Simply add query parameters to the campaign URL, share with your customers via your marketing email platform, and when they reach the form, they’ll find all of their details have been automatically populated. This removes friction, provides a speedier experience for your customers and means you’ll get more responses back. 

Even better, query parameters help you identify customers who open your request, but don’t submit a Vouch. Use this information to either follow up with them directly, or help inform your approach next time. Click here to find out which parameters you can add and how to add them to your campaign. 

Scaling your video library

These approaches will see your video library scale across all functions of the business. In Vouch, individual videos are tagged with the campaign name so are easily searchable in the library. Depending on your company structure, you can also opt for separate workspaces for HR, Marketing, Sales and Product, to keep libraries organized and permissions in check.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

Be sure to book a Vouch demo today and chat with a video content expert.

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