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Why Zapier was one of the first integrations built at Vouch

Steve Birchall

January 16, 2023



When creating any new product, there’s always a risk that your customers will perceive, or use, it differently to the way you intended.

Sometimes this can be a negative, with entire features needing to be rebuilt, repositioned or even thrown out. Other times, customers can positively surprise you.

Fortunately, we experienced the latter when we launched. Vouch was intended to be a video collection platform, designed to make collecting authentic and engaging video testimonials easier. Our customers saw a video collection platform that could be used across their businesses for a number of different use cases including recruitment, customer feedback, sales enablement and more.

Seeing early indicators of broader interest, we naturally picked Zapier to be part of the first cohort of integrations to release, and now more than a year on, are seeing the benefits of that decision.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is one of the largest no-code automation platforms or Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in the market. At a fundamental level, Zapier allows users to create flows for data which are triggered off an event in one application and then proceed through one or more actions.

These flows allow for users to easily complete repetitive tasks between two or more apps all without the need for any code.

Benefits of building with Zapier?

For Vouch, there were a number of benefits of building with Zapier. Firstly, Zapier is one of the leaders in the no-code automation space.

Drawing a monthly audience of more than 6 million visitors, and boasting integrations with more than 5,000 other apps, strategically it made sense.

Much like their flows, it is possible to build a Zapier integration with minimal to no code meaning it is possible for non-engineering resources to do most of the heavy lifting.

What does the Vouch integration look like?

The Vouch app for Zapier currently has three triggers and 11 actions, offering a comprehensive suite of options for customers looking to integrate Vouch into their wider workflows.

Triggers can be fired for any new Vouch responses received or campaigns created, whilst actions include create new Vouch requests, generating embed codes or fetching metrics.

Usage at Vouch

Zapier has been the most installed integration on the Vouch Apps directory by far. Thousands of API calls are made per month facilitating the different integrations by our customers.

Some of the more popular integrations include sending Vouch data to Notion, Airtable and Google Sheets.

Considering how simple it was to build and roll out, we have seen a high reward from relatively minimal effort and risk.

Find out more

The Zapier integration is available to all customers on Vouch To get started, click here.

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