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Ten Customer Insight Questions Devin Reed Swears By

Devin Reed went from zero marketing experience to Head of Content at a billion dollar startup in 12 months. The fuel he credits for this fast marketing success is knowing his customer inside out.

By answering 10 uncommon questions about his buyer, Devin was able to get ahead of his competition and create a successful marketing strategy. 

These questions are designed to infiltrate your market and get inside your buyers head. According to Devin, it’s the difference between talking with them - or at them.

10 questions Devin Reed swears by for killer customer insights:

1. What motivates you more than money?

2. What do you fear?

3. What pisses you off more than getting cut off on the freeway?

4. What beliefs do you hold that don’t make sense to anyone else? (the weirder the better)

5.What seasonal changes affect your business?

6. What does a successful day look like?

7. What current trends are affecting your business and/or livelihood?

8. How have you been burned in the past?

9. Who do you aspire to be?

10. What are the exact words and language they use to describe all the questions above?

Why should you use video for customer research?

Asking your customers to respond to research questions via video will save them time, since most of us can speak faster than we type. This makes the request feel more lightweight, and could see them offering up much more detailed information.

It’ll also give you insight into the exact language they use to describe all of those things. The more you can use this language, the more the message will resonate and the more they will feel understood by your business. 

How to request video from your customers 

  1. Share the context 

Let your customer know why you have reached out for feedback. How will you be using this information and why is it important to you? Understanding the value and purpose of their videos could help motivate them. 

  1. Ask the right questions

Open-ended questions are your best bet for capturing great customer insights on video. If you haven’t got time to refine the perfect set, use Devin’s, or one of the pre-filled question templates in Vouch. 

  1. Make some questions optional

Responders may get put off sharing their valuable insights if they feel forced to answer others they’d rather skip. Unless they’re essential, mark any tricky or niche questions as optional. It’ll help your customers or clients move through faster and feel less daunted.

  1. Share your request everywhere

Use every social media channel and newsletter at your disposal. Chances are, different customers will follow you on different platforms and the more customer insights you can capture the better. Vouch has easy embed and social sharing options to help with this. There’s even a QR code, if you’d like to collect videos in person or at an event.

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