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How To Use Vouch To Streamline Your Support Process

Lauren Thomas

December 21, 2022



Resolving customers’ queries quickly and leaving them feeling satisfied are great outcomes for any support team. Video can support these goals, by collecting detailed descriptions of customer problems and sharing personalized, easy-to-understand solutions.

At Vouch, we’ve noticed more teams using our platform to solve support queries faster and boost customer satisfaction. In fact, it’s one of the ways we use our own product at Vouch HQ. In this blog, we’ll share top tips on how you can too.

How video helps solve support issues

Efficient troubleshooting

Video makes it easier for both you and your customer to explain complex issues and share step-by-step solutions. For most of us, it’s faster to chat through a problem, rather than try to write it down. But video also helps customers show you, not just tell. Either by pointing out a problem with a product, or sharing their screen. Overall, this minimizes the back and forth and helps you solve the problem faster.

Lasting impact

Once a video has been created and shared, it can be referred to as many times as needed. If your customer runs into the same problem again, they’ll have it to hand. And if it’s an issue you think multiple people might be struggling with, you could repurpose the video on your help center to assist more customers.

Diffuse tension

Customers often feel frustrated when they run into difficulties. A video from your support team gives tickets a personal touch that a written response (or worse, a chatbot) could never do. This helps to alleviate bad experiences. Especially if the response is both empathetic and prompt.

Easy to understand

Written instructions aren't everyone’s preference when it comes to learning. Just look at the millions of views racked up by simple ‘how to’ videos on YouTube. For many of us, we’d rather be talked through instructions step by step. Some customer survey studies have found up to 85% of people prefer video as a way of getting to a resolution.

Videos cater to visual and auditory learners, not just reading learners. At Vouch, we use the ‘record my screen’ function to answer customer questions, like in the video below.

How Vouch streamlines the process

Pointed questions 

Vouch briefs are built around questions, making it perfect for support queries. You and your customer can ask and answer specific questions that get to the crux of the issue and bring some much-needed structure to async communication. 

For example, if a Vouch customer was having trouble installing a Slack integration, we could ask:

  1. Please record your slack app, show us the latest version that you are using.
  2. Go to the integrations page on the Vouch app and install the application - please record the entire workflow.
  3. Please provide any other information or errors.

Easy integrations

Vouch offers integrations with two of the industry's most popular support tools, ZenDesk and Jira Service Desk. These integrations help you collect videos from your customers and bring those support tickets automatically into the support tools.

Jira will include the respective video and transcript, whilst Zendesk will include the link to the video and the transcription for review. In both systems, the video can be shared easily with other departments, so can be used easily to support any escalations that may occur. Discover more about our integrations here.

Scalable support 

Pre recorded videos give you a way to scale personal interaction in your support process. 1:1 video calls can be time intensive, but once you’ve recorded a video in response to a common query, it takes just seconds to share. You can even place these videos within onboarding flows, or at the points you know your customers get stuck, to minimize the number of support tickets that come your way.

Like to try Vouch?

Loved by companies like Canva, Nike, Cisco, Stryker, HubSpot, Amazon and more, tools like Vouch make leveraging video in your business remarkably easy.

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