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how to generate customer video reviews

How to Generate Customer Video Reviews and UGC with Vouch

Post pandemic, seeing yourself on screen feels second nature.

Whether recording a presentation for work, filming a video for a friend, or sharing a video on social media, we’ve all become more comfortable in front of the camera. Great news for marketers that rely on user generated content (UGC) from their customers.

But while brands can secure quantity by casting their net wide or providing incentives, they can’t guarantee quality. Poor lighting, dodgy framing, and missing information can all ruin a piece of UGC. Often, only a handful of videos can be used. 

Businesses like Mosh and Eucalyptus are using Vouch to offer their customers more support, and have more quality control over the video reviews and UGC they receive.

Keep reading to discover the features they use to build a bank of diverse, high-quality customer reviews.

Why are video reviews so effective? 

According to Trust Pilot, online reviews influence purchases for 93% of consumers and according to Hubspot, 78% of people say they’ve been convinced to make a purchase because of a video. So it stands to reason that brands want to combine the two with powerful video reviews. Here's why they're so powerful:

  • Real product reviews, by real customers, capture genuine excitement about a product in a way that a text review never could. (Even with excessive exclamation points!)
  • They can be used to highlight specific product features and how they work for a more detailed review.
  • Video reviews help build trust. Not only in your product, but in the review itself since they can see and hear the real customer sharing it.
  • They’re the kind of authentic content that thrives on social media, helping you build a bank of content for platforms like TikTok.
  • They are wonderfully versatile and have great repurposing potential across all of your marketing channels.

Why UGC beats influencer content

Polished influencer content can be effective in driving engagement and is a great way to curate beautiful social feeds. But when it comes to driving conversions on a budget, and a scale, there’s a few reasons customer reviews have the edge.

  • In 2022, Australia announced new restrictions around influencers promoting healthcare. If an influencer has been paid to review a product,  they can’t share results. This has left brands with an avalanche of product photography, but lacking the benefit-driven reviews that drive conversions. Customer reviews and UCG that have not been incentivized aren’t under the same level of scrutiny and can be much more detailed.
  • If your brand’s on TikTok, honest customer reviews mimic the kind of authentic trending content loved by TikTok audiences. Thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, any piece of content can go viral, so influencer follower counts are less important.
  • As savvy audiences become more aware of the transactional nature of influencer content, UGC is more trusted. According to Stakla, consumers find UGC almost 10x more impactful than influencer content. 

Often, video reviews and UGC is used as a complimentary content alongside a brand’s influencer strategy. Hamish Staddon, Social Media Marketing Executive at Mosh uses Vouch to collect UGC, while investing in influencer content elsewhere.

“We have used influencer content previously, but our market requires real stories from customers, which is why we lean so heavily into UGC. Mosh embodies the 'everyman' as one of its personas, so it's important to showcase real blokes going through real health issues.”

Hear more about how Hamish collects UGC with Mosh here

How Vouch can help you collect UGC

Direct from a distance 

When you create a video brief in Vouch, you can set a max duration and filming ratio, so you can be sure that the video you receive matches your specifications. You can also ask specific questions and guidance that'll appear when your customer records their video, not in a brief that gets read and long forgotten. These appear alongside our automatic reminders on lighting, sound and framing.

This is a big benefit for Hamish and the team at Mosh:

“The law is strict, so it's important that we don't have customers say the wrong thing on camera. By using Vouch to create guidelines and questions, we can assist them in talking about the process of using Mosh rather than explicit benefits from particular treatments.

Easy content management 

As all of your UGC floods in, there’s no need to find a storage solution. Vouch’s library will house all of your videos and provide you with a handy birdseye view to keep you organized. Alternatively, you can use one of our integration with Dropbox or Google Drive to have your videos drop automatically into your workspaces.

T&Cs are taken care of

On each request you can ask users to accept your Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy un front so you can be confident that every piece of content you receive, can be used. You can use our templates or update to your own content release forms (Terms) and Privacy Policy within your Vouch account. Learn more here.

Flexible sharing options

Vouch makes it easy to share your videos anywhere. Embed straight into your website, product pages, your social channels and your emails. Choose from engaging gif previews or templates that can be customized with your colors and branding. 

Tips to get the best UGC

Nail your brief

Great UGC videos start with a great brief. Ask open-ended questions that’ll prompt your customers to cover the points you’d like to focus on and be specific about what you’d like to see.This includes any particular visual prompts or camera angles. 

For example, a cookware brand may ask customers to take them through their cooking experience, so the questions would look something like this:

Q1- Let us know what you are planning on cooking tonight.

Q2- Flip your camera to show us the ingredients you are using for this dish.

Q3- Give us a quick demo of how you are using the product.

Q4- Set your camera facing you, and show us your cooking skills at work!

Q5- Flip your camera to show us the final product.

If you have a final sharing destination in mind, then check out what’s already trending on the platforms you plan to post. TikTok allows you to explore the top ads on its platform, so you can see the kind of video audiences are responding to.

Pick your moment 

You can share Vouch requests with a single link, so it’s easy to spread your campaign far and wide. But our customers that capture the most video reviews take a strategic approach to their collection. 

Try automating your campaigns, so a request is sent when a customer leaves a five star review. Or add a QR code to your packaging, so customers are prompted to leave a review when they’ve just received your product and excitement is at its peak. 

Incentivise (with care)

No matter how many loyal advocates you have in your customer base, providing context and incentives to your Vouch request will help boost your response rate. This could be a chance to be featured on your social channels, entry to a prize draw, or even a gift reimbursement for every video created.Just remember to approach this with care if you are an Australian healthcare brand.

If you're ready to start collecting customer reviews and UGC with Vouch, sign up for free here.

Seeing is believing

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