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How Should Businesses Use Video in Their Marketing Strategies?

Ian Cook

November 15, 2022



We asked CMO & Head of Operations at Ask Marketing, Vouch customer (and avid video user), Stephanie King for her advice for businesses using video in their marketing strategies.

She had some great video ideas for businesses to use throughout the marketing funnel. Check out her Vouch video, or read her tips below.

1. Use video to boost awareness

"At the very top of the marketing funnel, we've got the awareness phase. In this phase, think of video as a really great way to educate the user on your service offering, but most importantly of your industry and where you fit in your field. As the leader of your business, you are a thought leader in your industry. So create short snippet videos that can be used across organic social media (and any paid social media activities) to help educate the market. 

"Talk about your industry. Talk about the lessons learned. Talk about what makes your service offering important, and where it fits in the market. Using video at this stage of the funnel is really important to attain connectedness with your potential prospects."

2. Use video to personalize your service 

"Further down the funnel, if you're a service-based business, it's beneficial to leverage video in proposals. For example, if you're a business that sends proposals to a potential client to sign, using video in this stage allows you to talk through the proposal itself. Again, it’s another face-to-face or highly-interactive way to speak to your prospect to encourage the conversion to happen.

"At Ask Marketing, we develop digital marketing strategies for our clients. The strategy is delivered in the form of a walkthrough explanation video, so they can absorb how the strategy has been developed, and why it's been developed that way. The video is sent in an email that they can watch in their own time."

3. Use video to bring testimonials to life

"At the bottom of the funnel, a great way of leveraging Vouch and video content is in the form of client or customer testimonials

"After your client or customer has been through your product or full service experience, ask for their feedback. The best thing about this is being able to leverage those beautiful testimonial videos that your clients and customers record to, then bring them up to the top of the funnel to the organic social media video content that you're producing each and every month. 

"So there's some quick tips where video can be used across all stages of the marketing funnel to really empower and positively impact your business growth and your conversion likelihood."

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