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[Demo Video] How To Set Up a Vouch Campaign

At Vouch, we want you to start creating video as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve simplified the campaign set up process, so you can get one up and running in a matter of minutes.

To show you just how easy it is to set up a Vouch campaign, here’s a quick demo from Vouch’s Product Marketer Angela Dickinson.

Create a campaign in four steps

1. First click on the ‘add new’ button in the top right and select campaign. You'll be given the option to either start from scratch or choose from one of our templates with specially curated questions. If you have your own questions in mind, click ‘start from scratch’.

2. Next enter a name that describes the purpose of your campaign. Then enter the questions you want answered in the video. 

3. To give your video request more context, you can record or upload a cover video. They’ll watch this prior to filming their answers. It's a great way to warm up your audience, give them some tips about filming, or some more context about where you'll be using the recording. Alternatively, you can type out a cover message.

4. Once you've set it live, all you need to do is choose how to share it. Send it in an email, embed into your website, or share it on your social channels.

Set your campaign up for success

Give them a heads up

The more context you give someone about your Vouch request, the higher it moves it up their to-do list. If you want to give your customer, candidate or team member a heads up before a Vouch request comes their way, try our email template. Or find more tips in our The Best Way to Ask For a Video Testimonial blog.

Maximise responses 

We’ve watched thousands of campaigns go live on our platform and have tracked what makes the best ones so successful. Check out this blog for all of our top tips on sharpening your pitch, and discover the features that’ll help you collect the most video content possible. 

Keep it consistent with your brand

If you want to build trust in the recording process and create a completely on brand experience, you can customise your video request with your colours and logo. Customers that include custom branding on the Vouch Recorder enjoy a 23% better conversion rate. Try it with a 14 day trial of our Starter plan.

Seeing is believing

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect video with Vouch.

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