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A Product Marketers’ ‘Secret’ to Brand Positioning

We used the Vouch platform to ask Product Marketing Pro, and author of the Building Momentum newsletter, James Doman-Pipe, the secret to creating killer brand positioning.

Check out his two minute Vouch below to hear why SaaS businesses must develop a deep understanding of their customer for their brand positioning to resonate  - and the Seth Godin quote he swears by.

To start getting to know your customers better, try Vouch for free. It streamlines video collection for insightful customer research. You’ll be joining thousands of teams, including Canva, Marpipe and Culture Amp, already benefitting from its easy-to-use features.

Vouch is a video collection platform for customer feedback, testimonials and more.

Simply create questions and share them with a single link to one or many respondents.

Quickly receive video back that meets your specifications, then edit and share, directly from the Vouch platform. Create website embeds (like above) or integrate for seamless sharing straight to your workflow via tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Highspot and HubSpot.

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Seeing is believing

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