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Your Respondent’s POV: The Vouch Recorder

At the heart of Vouch is a simple, guided and intuitive recording experience. It’s been a focus for us since launch, but particularly over the last 12 months as we identified the many ways this experience can be truly best-in-class. 

Here’s a run-down of the respondent’s experience and check out our demo at the end to see them in action.

Cover videos

The quality and precision of your videos can be improved by a great brief and context. Cover videos are a personal way to share your request, and allow you to provide richer, more nuanced context. You can create a dedicated video each time, or record a standard cover video to add to all campaigns and requests in your workflow. 

At Vouch, we include cover videos in employee onboarding requests. It gives our People and Culture lead the opportunity to welcome the new hire, warm them up before recording their video and keep them focused on the relevant messages which will be shared across team meetings, social media and other employer brand channels. 

For customers who want to fully customize their request, you can add your company colors and logo alongside your cover video. This feature is available on our Starter plan.

Friction-free recording

Respondents start with the recording step. There are no apps to download, or data fields to complete beforehand.The recorder is agnostic, so will work on any internet enabled device with a camera and microphone. These details maximizes your responses to build rich, video-based inputs through your workflow.

Once the video is recorded, you can simplify the personal details step to save your respondents completing the information. With integrations like HubSpot, pre-fill their name, company details and email straight from your CRM so they can jump straight to the submit button.

Speaker notes 

Vouch’s notes feature helps your candidate, customer or team-mate stay on-point in every video response. Visible right through the recording experience, speaker notes can be added by your respondent as a prompt to cover all of their key points. This delivers short, punchy answers, avoiding video bloat.

Unlimited takes 

Even the most articulate of us need to hit rewind at times. When the point doesn’t land in the first record, your respondent can re-record as many times as they need, delivering exactly what they want to say, in exactly the way they wanted to say it. 

See how it looks from the other side of your Vouch request in this demo video. Or, experience it for real by sending yourself a test Vouch. You can pick from one of our question templates and check out what it looks like to answer a Vouch as a candidate, customer, or team-mate. 

It’s our community who help us shape the best recording experience out there, so keep your feedback and thoughts coming. We love hearing what you think.

Seeing is believing

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect video with Vouch.

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