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Why Use Video Interviewing in Job Recruitment?

Managing clashing time zones and hours lost to Zoom interviews are just a couple of the headaches of hiring a global team. Your talent search shouldn’t be limited to your business' city, but finding great people around the world can be a big investment of time and energy.

As the pandemic accelerates digital transformation globally, the tide is shifting towards new ways of screening and hiring talent.

According to HR consulting firm Aptitude Research, in February 2020, less than 60% of US companies surveyed planned to use video in their recruitment process. By October 2020, this had increased to 89% of businesses using video interviewing (according to a Gartner survey).

Asynchronous one-way video interviews give hiring managers the tools to scope out the field and find the best person for the job in their own time. Plus, it gives candidates the chance to let their skills and personality shine in more than just a written cover letter.

If you’re looking to make better, faster decisions when hiring, it’s worth looking into the move towards video interviewing for businesses and how it can impact your recruitment process.

What are one-way video interviews?

No matter what role you’re hiring for, hearing directly from the candidate is typically a part of the selection process. Whether you’re recruiting locally in other geographies, the vetting process can take hours out of your week if you’re running real-time interviews.

This is why one-way video interviews are becoming a popular option instead. You can capture the answers you're looking for by setting up questions to suit your hiring process, then send the link to any candidate you want to interview. Candidates can respond via camera on their mobile phone or desktop computer at a time that suits them.

A lot of hiring managers opt to use a video interviewing app (or web-based platforms like Vouch) to streamline this process. Once you input the interview questions, you can share a single magic link to candidates and collect interviews at scale.

Once you’re ready to review these responses, all these conversations are recorded and ready to play on-demand. With each candidate’s video saved in the one place, the process of comparing, vetting and shortlisting talent can happen on your terms.

How video interviews can jump-start your hiring process

Reviewing hundreds of resumes, lining up meetings and shortlisting candidates are just some of the reasons why there just aren’t enough hours in the day for hiring managers.

While video interviews doesn’t eliminate all the demands of recruitment, they can help remove some of the biggest points of frustration by:

- Capturing the insights you need on each candidate’s experience: set up role-specific questions to drill into their experience or tailor questions to find out more about why they’re moving roles and how suitable they are for your job opening.

- Giving candidates the chance to give the best answers: letting applicants record and submit their responses on their own terms gives you a clearer picture of just what value they could bring to the table with honest, authentic video content.

- Saving time on initial screening calls: video interviews help you to narrow down your shortlist faster and allow you to see the faces (and personalities) of candidates, not just their resume.

- Allowing more employees to be part of the hiring process: video interviews allow you to easily share candidates’ responses with the whole hiring team, without asking a candidate to present to a whole (potentially intimidating) boardroom of people. Creating an optimal candidate experience is increasingly important as we compete globally for the best talent.    

Hybrid and remote teams already have enough Zoom meetings in their calendars to get through. By gathering asynchronous video interviews, informed hiring decisions can be made faster, without the hassle of juggling time zones and meeting dates.

How to run video interviews with Vouch

We built Vouch to be perfect for remote teams hiring across the globe. A lot of our customers know the challenges of hiring first-hand, so we wanted to build a solution that would tackle their pain points head on.

If you’re thinking of getting started with video interviews, here’s what to expect when using Vouch:

- Add questions that suit the role or your hiring process. You can choose to share general screening questions or build sets of questions for different roles, and if you need inspiration, there’s a question library to choose from.

- Share a link with your candidates that gives them everything they need to jump in and film their best answers. You can choose to email this to applicants or embed the link into your job listings.

- Watch and listen like you’re in the same room and play each candidate’s answers question-by-question. This is great if your hiring team wants to come together remotely to make better, faster decisions together.

We’re not a video interview app, just an easy-to-use video collection software to speed up your hiring process (among many other things). We like to think Vouch is the easiest way to let your candidates speak for themselves, and the teams from Canva, Atlassian, Mentorloop, Culture Amp and Airwallex think so, too.

Seeing is believing

Jump in today and see how easy it is to collect video with Vouch.

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