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Vouch Product Updates - May 2024

Steve Birchall

May 21, 2024



It’s been a busy start to 2024 for our Product & Engineering teams here at Vouch. Here’s a quick update on some of our most significant releases so far this year.

Analytics 2.0

We’ve completely rebuilt Vouch’s analytics platform and opened up a whole new world of insights.

This means you’ll now see much more detailed data on video performance, but additionally, you’ll now be able to determine exactly who is watching your videos.

New capabilities include:

  • New detailed tracking on individual video performance
  • Ability to refine by date and sort content in each performance report
  • Ability to export all data to CSV, JSON or XLSX
  • Granular tracking for Email Embeds (when loaded, when clicked etc)
  • Integrations and customer parameters to track video view by individual name, email or ID
  • Custom values to build out more comprehensive profiling and viewer insights

These new insights allow teams to better understand audience trends and use this to inform their video programs moving forward. Critically, they also serve as a strong platform for internal compliance - making sure specific individuals have viewed certain videos or playlists for purposes such as onboarding, training or internal communications.

Template Builders

Vouch’s templates remove repetitive tasks like editing and branding videos, instead allowing you to simply drop your selected clips into a preset template and instantly produce a polished video.
We’ve now added a new suite of standard templates for users to choose from out of the box, bringing our total to seven.

But critically, we’ve also created a new Template Builder. This allows users to create their own custom templates by leveraging Vouch’s standard templates and applying their own colors, orientation settings, display options, top and tail videos and more.

Additionally, we’re also supporting completely Custom Templates. These are built for users who want complete control over their video designs. These custom templates can be built from the ground up and can include bespoke brand colors, fonts, transitions, behaviours and more.

Compatibility with Onboarding & LMS platforms

We’re serving an increasing number of customers who use Vouch as a key component of their Onboarding and Talent Development programs.

To better support these use cases, we’ve made a number of platform upgrades to better support these integrations, with tools including:

  • Mindtickle
  • Litmos
  • LearnUpon
  • Blackboard
  • Absorb

With these new changes, Vouch Embeds can be added directly to SCORM files, or embedded using oEmbed or iFrames for a wide range of systems. Better still, video insights can be traced back to specific users.

Dynamic Media Player

With the vast majority of video platforms in this space, video outputs are static. This means that every unique video must be edited, transcoded, exported and published. Need to make an edit? You have to go through the process all over.

We’ve now released our Dynamic Media Player. We believe this is a complete game changer for teams who are producing and publishing high volumes of video content across multiple platforms and devices.

This Dynamic Media Player supports Vouch’s new templating functionality (see above), meaning that as soon as a new video recording arrives in Vouch, it’s ready to be shared - completely on brand and in the desired format.

This new media player is completely responsive, allowing users to offer different experiences on different devices or channels. And if a video needs to be adjusted or edited, these updates will be instantly applied to the media player - no need to completely rebuild, transcode and republish all over again.

Personalized Video

Let’s say you have hundreds of careers pages or job listings. Embedding the same generic video into each page isn’t all that impactful. 

What if you could automatically insert the most relevant video clips into our unique page based on the role or the location or any other identifying feature?

We now support the ability to personalize or customize exactly which videos play within Embeds or Playlinks based on certain rules or scenarios. This unlocks an enormous opportunity for large-scale publishers. You can now create you own ‘rules engine’ to ensure the right content from your video library is shown at the right time. 

For example, you might show certain videos on a job listing for a sales role compared to the videos shown on a job listing for an engineering role.

There’s always a long list of improvements and updates, but here are a few extras we shipped in the early months of 2024:

  • Tagging. You can now create and apply tags across videos, playlists and requests within the platform - meaning your content is organized and easily discoverable.

  • Sharing Improvements. You now have much greater control over playlinks, embeds, emails and downloads.
    • Playlinks
      • Greater control over Playlink branding, CTA & OG image on a per video basis
      • Ability to apply a Template type globally or on a video-by-video basis
      • Ability to hide captions or enable multi-lingual captions on your Playlink
    • Embeds
      • Support for all Template types across the Vouch Embeds
      • Ability to enable multi-lingual captions on your Embed
      • Ability to specify what controls are available on the Embed at a granular level
      • Support for pre-loading or lazy loading with your Embeds
      • Improved responsiveness handling
    • Email
      • Four different Email Embed template types, Animated GIF, Static JPEG, Button and All-In-One
    • Downloads
      • Support for all Template types across the Vouch Downloads
      • Support to burn translated captions on your Downloads

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